Lead to Account Matching

Automate Lead-to-Account Matching

Better align your sales and marketing processes by building and automating a strong lead-to-account matching process with Syncari’s data automation platform.

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No-code data automation

Coordinated data. Coordinated GTM.

Lead-to-account matching

Define precise match rules to ensure complex parent-child hierarchies and duplicate or complex accounts are handled the way your business logic requires.


Lead routing

Implement any routing strategy — round-robin, territory-based, account-based — using a simple interface and step-by-step guides to build, track and update complex routing flows in near-real-time.


Merge and dedupe

Dedupe leads based on your required logic, from standard fields like email to custom logic like account geography. Enforce winning record criteria with field-level controls for what stays and what goes.


Global data enrichment

Enrich any field from multiple data providers, like Clearbit for Leads and ZoomInfo for accounts, and sync the result across your tech stack.

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