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Unify, automate, and scale.

Empower your teams with unified customer data, shared across your GTM stack, user data, and dashboards. Restore control over data and increase speed to market.

Syncari grows with you.

Your stack gets more complex as you grow. Syncari’s unique record-based pricing, custom connectors and patented technology allow you to continuously streamline data, simplify complex environments, and scale your teams.

Data-Driven Revenue Growth FAQs

How does a data platform help accelerate revenue generation?

The link between data and revenue may seem hard to draw, but here are is one example:

    • Product-Led Growth (PLG): If you populate CRM, sales engagement and marketing automation platforms with user data that you consider indicative of upsell, cross-sell or any form of purchase intent, you can trigger and automate a variety of activities. For instance, Box used “4 uploaded files” as a signal of purchase intent. From there you can send emails from marketing or sales, for example, to engage the user to move further along the journey.

But a survey of your sales, marketing, CS and finance teams will reveal that the manual data work that makes their jobs difficult, even miserable, is preventing their ability to grow as much as anything else. We review this in more depth here.

How do I know if data issues are preventing my sales, marketing and CS teams from executing as well as they could be?

Ask your team how much time they spend fixing attribution errors, hunting down fields, cleaning up messy fields, fixing non-standard formats, checking for sync issues between two different tools, or just gathering context on a lead, opportunity, account or ticket that was handed to them. If you find they’re stuck in a surprising amount of manual work, this is a strong signal that you’re losing GTM efficiency to data issues.

Think about how this impacts CAC. Not only does it make it more difficult to improve LTV, but it also makes efficient CAC impossible. It’s just simple math: if teams spend a lot of time on manual data work, they’re not selling, influencing, writing, promoting, or marketing your product, or helping customers.

Andy Mowat, who ran RevOps at Upwork, Box and CultureAmp, suggests looking at your BI dashboards. Are they manual? Is manual reporting required to understand the details of your GTM performance? How are board level metrics developed? If these are not accurate, fresh, cross-system reports, that’s another great indicator you have a data problem.