Measure Data Quality

Automating workflows with bad data distributes bad data everywhere -- it’s garbage in, garbage out. With Syncari, you can pinpoint the sources of bad data, address root causes across every system, and track improvements in your Data Fitness Index™ as you automate workflows with data you can trust.

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Data Fitness Index™

Automatically assess the completeness, accuracy and consistency of your unified customer data with Syncari's intelligent algorithms.

Track Changes

Automate improvements to data fitness across fields and entities and identify in near real-time what's driving the biggest impact.

Index Breakdown

Drill down into your Data Fitness Index™ by system, entity, or field to pinpoint where quality needs to be restored.

Custom Data Fitness Rules

Extend Syncari’s Data Fitness Index™ with your own rules and logic (e.g. define specific field values that indicate a high-quality opportunity).

Inline Recommendations

Explore auto-generated recommendations for how to improve data quality and implement scalable solutions in minutes.

Data Fitness Index™ Trends

Track improvements to your index over time and calculate the tangible business impact of having trusted data everywhere.

Why Syncari for data quality?

Eliminating bad data from your systems of record starts with measurement, but it doesn’t end there. You need to act continuously on insidious data problems, otherwise short-term gains won’t last. While organizations might be able to do this within a single system, there wasn’t a way to measure and improve data fitness across every system and within the processes that connect them, until now.

Syncari brings centralized measurement and actionable insights to data automation, empowering users to build integrations and workflows that actually improve data integrity over time.

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