Data automation

7 in 10 transformations fail because of … the cloud?

Yes indeed. It’s probably your software architecture. Core cloud platforms will tell you they all integrate but the reality is they don’t. If you learn too late, it can halt your entire transformation project or M&A transaction. Learn how to avoid this blocker and the warning signs your project is headed to gridlock.

The cloud causes more transformation failures than you’d think

Learn what could have prevented these:

  • J&J’s cloud standardization failed and cost $24.5 million
  • Leaseplan’s tech upgrades failed and cost €92 million
  • Molson Coors’ ERP consolidation failed and cost $100 million
  • Revlon’s merger integration inspired a class-action lawsuit

Modern Business Systems Architecture Contain a Fatal Flaw

Every business software platform has its own data model and none match. That creates what’s known as runaway data fragmentation. You cannot fix this with CDP, ETL, MDM, or any other acronym—the exponential maintenance costs are enormous.