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The Syncari Synapse for Slack provides a read synchronization and fully supports Syncari functions and actions. Using Custom Actions or the Send Slack Message action, write back into a Slack workspace.

How It Works

Objects from Slack can be mapped to entities in Syncari using Sync Studio. When the Syncari Slack automation is added to a public channel, Syncari watches for new messages, changes in Channels and changes in Slack users for that Slack workspace.

Syncari lets you make Slack data and activities part of your unified data model, allowing you to perform transformations, aggregates (e.g. counts, sums, average, standard deviation), and segmentation. If needed, Syncari also has a flexible dedupe and merge policy to provide a unified view of Slack users.

Once the data enters Syncari, use information from Slack to start workflows or updates in other systems. Then, use the Send Slack Message custom action to respond back to the user or channel with a workflow result.

Supported Objects and Workflow

The Slack Synapse allows synchronization on the below listed objects:

  • Channel
  • User
  • Message

Syncari supports multiple connections to Slack workspaces (and multiple connections to the same workspace).