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How It Works

Objects from Pipedrive can be mapped to entities in Syncari using the powerful Sync Studio. Changes on the records for these objects are periodically (near real time) synced from Pipedrive into Syncari. Syncari provides a flexible conflict resolution strategy in cases where multiple updates are noticed for the same record. The data can be enriched, deduped and cleansed before storing it in Syncari. Data flowing from different systems into Syncari is synced to Pipedrive. Any schema changes like addition of new column or column rename in Pipedrive are auto detected and the user has the option of auto mapping.

Supported Objects and Workflow

The Pipedrive Synapse allows synchronization on the below listed objects:

  • User
  • Product
  • Activity
  • Type
  • Person
  • Note
  • Role
  • Organization
  • Activity
  • Pipeline
  • Deal
  • Price
  • Stage

Syncari synchronizes Pipedrive’s schema and its mappings with Syncari’s schema during every sync cycle. The newly added columns on the PIpedrive tables and newly added tables are detected automatically and available for usage in the pipelines.

Get Started with Syncari for Pipedrive

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