Customer Data Automation Community Code of Conduct

Our Customer Data Automation Community stands in solidarity with the importance of inclusion and respect – a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued, heard. We are continuously striving towards a safe space for professionals like you to share ideas while upholding our guidelines: think before you speak! In light of this effort any form of violation may result in removal or suspension from the group; repeated offenses will lead to an immediate ban.

1. Always give, give, and give.

We know you’re on an epic journey to growth, and we’re in it with you! We provide a community space where innovation is fostered through collaboration; ideas come together, questions get answers. For our mission of inspiring greatness to reach its full potential however, it takes more than just knowledge – quality relationships also require us all contributing something back. Let’s make giving MORE THAN taking the goal as we keep striving for excellence.

2. Practice kindness.

Abusive, harassing and discriminatory behavior has no place here. This applies to all formats — memes, gifs, comments, public or private discussions.

If you ever witness such behavior or feel abused/harassed, please screenshot the issue and send it via DM to Elise Vue.

3. No spam, promotion, or selling.

This vibrant space is the perfect place to develop, collaborate and discover. Speak candidly here – be brave enough to show your true self! We want this community free of any sales or publicity agendas; let’s make it a supportive hub for growth.

Posts promoting your solutions in which you have a vested interest will be removed.

4. Respect everyone’s privacy.

Our Customer Data Automation Community is a platform to share information with mutual respect. Unauthorized use of personal data, conversational intrusion and reselling other’s secrets will not be tolerated – so let us keep this space secure!

5. Debate ideas, not people.

Intelligently explore diverse views and opposing perspectives while engaging in meaningful dialogue. Debate the ideas, not people – no matter how controversial they may be – with respect and intelligence to foster an atmosphere of growth & understanding!

How to get the most from Customer Data Automation Community:

At our core, we believe that true growth comes from meaningful connections and open dialogue. We strive to create a space where you can engage in honest conversations with other members, ask questions without judgment, test out new ideas – no matter how bold or daring they might be – and share experiences both good and bad. Here’s your chance to take part in an environment of depth – accepting transparency as the pathway towards collective success!