Top 4 Powerful Zapier Automation Alternatives for your business in 2023

Let us help you find the ultimate Zapier alternative that can perform business process automation with significantly better methodologies and may even include extra features.

This is the age of process automation, which means ideally the need for manual work and human involvement is significantly reduced if not entirely eliminated. Thus resulting in a major boost in productivity and cost cutting – if you choose wisely.

We understand if you’re looking to replace Zapier, but let’s go through everything it has to offer and how they stack up against competitors such as Syncari.

What is Zapier?

zapier alternatives in 2022

Zapier is an American web-based firm that allows customers to combine and automate their processes by integrating the applications they use every day.

As we all know, Zapier is a famous platform that provides over 1,500 integrations for transferring data across apps for quicker work and more straightforward automation. It is well-recognized for saving time and making app integration simple.

Yet, despite its prominence, Zapier is one of many games in town for automation services. Every one of us has distinct needs and schedules.

For users with busy schedules, Zapier makes it simpler and quicker to move data between online services. It enables you to concentrate mainly on your task rather than on transferring from one platform to another.

Because Zapier does not need code, you can develop processes more quickly and complete more work. The software’s most recognized features are time savings and simple app integration.


compared to zapier

Customers of Zapier may quickly build up zaps (processes) using self-automation. Workflows may be designed and built by anyone based on their needs.

Each account comes with built-in applications from Zapier, including a message box, phone app, planner, notifications, and other tools for building robust routines.

Excellent customer service, speedier introduction of new concepts, and nice clean code, except for debugging issues.

Smart automation allows small firms to concentrate on marketing rather than record keeping.

A fantastic tool for marketers looking to develop brilliant marketing campaigns and get more leads at a lower cost.

Provide comments on novel ideas, concepts, and layouts.


  • Intelligent automation platform and custom integrations.
  • Appropriate document and folder arrangement.


  • Cost increases with the employment of additional zaps.


pricing plans

Top Zapier Alternatives

To assist you, I have recommended the most excellent Zapier alternatives that are much superior to this service as compared to it in this post. So, let’s take a brief look at the list of the top Zapier alternatives that we’ll give in this article.


free zapier alternatives

Workato enables you to automate business processes across on-premises and cloud-based applications. Automate quote-to-cash business operations, for instance, which may need data transfer between apps like Salesforce, Netsuite, Bill.com, and Apttus.

Workato is an enterprise automation technology that supports businesses in automating data integration and business operations. It can manage integrations, construct and automate workflows, and gather data from numerous sources.


  • 360° Customer Intelligence
  • Robust integration tool
  • Smart customer onboarding
  • Automated Opportunity Data Population
  • Smart follow-ups
  • Real-time event attendance sync


  • When compared to Zapier, this platform has fantastic prices for our non-profits.
  • There were some initial tweaks once I shared some improvements with them, but generally, it was well worth it.


  • It occasionally causes some integration issues.
  • Costly for smaller organizations or businesses.
  • It has limited customer support and supports small businesses.


  • There is no useful information given on the Workato official website.
  • So, you need to contact the sales or marketing team for pricing details.


free zapier alternatives

IFTTT, or “If This Then That,” is an acronym. It is a free online program that aids users in increasing productivity by automating web-based operations.

IFTTT links different developers’ tools, services, and applications to produce “applets” that carry out automations.

Zapier is more suitable for an office setting than IFTTT because it can automate more business-oriented apps and offers more actions per app.

IFTTT, on the other hand, includes more domestically oriented, personal apps, making it the better option if you have more.


  • Website Integration
  • Email Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Data Integration
  • Data Security


  • The website also provides training on utilizing the service effectively to maximize your scheduling.
  • When compared to Zapier, the customer service is outstanding, and the configuring procedure is straightforward.
  • They make it quite simple to understand how the product might benefit you.


  • I’ve encountered difficulties where some services don’t offer all their functions as triggers or actions.


  • IFTTT Free plan costs $0 for lifetime service, which has a few limitations.
  • The IFTTT Pro plan costs $5 per month with additional features.
  • You can check the IFTTT plans details on its official website.

3. Automate.io

free zapier alternatives

Automate.io is a cloud connection tool where you can build straightforward one-to-one integrations or intricate workflows to automate sales, marketing, and business procedures.

Through a drag-and-drop interface, Automate.io enables users to integrate applications without scripting. Users choose which app will be used to start the workflow after connecting to any services they desire to integrate using their credentials.


  • Web Services
  • Data Migration
  • Application Management
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Connectors


  • It was ideal for me because it is also very user-friendly and has many product integrations when compared to zapier.
  • It is more user-friendly, simple to understand, and easy to utilize. Overall, the price is reasonable.


  • You can only add up to two applications at once bothers me.
  • It was confusing to learn Automation.io before utilizing it.


  • The free plan offers only five bots per month.
  • The startup plan costs $19 per month with 20 bots.
  • The growth plan costs $49 per month with 50 bots and other features.
  • You can check the Automate.io Pricing details on its official website.

4. Syncari

advanced zapier alternative

Syncari is one of the best data automation platforms, where operations specialists can globally manage, disseminate, and clean up reliable customer data. It has high performance and speed when compared to zapier.

It is designed to assist revenue executives in recovering control of their data sources and integrations through intelligent data cleansing, combining, and augmentation.

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  • RevOps Automation
  • Synchronized Information
  • Product Data Activation
  • CSV File Sync
  • Automation platform with web apps
  • Easy integration processes
  • Upsell Detection
  • Ticketing Automation


  • You can use this platform for many different teams in an organization.
  • This is the only platform where all your work can be through using the Unified Data Model.
  • In compliance with HIPAA regulations.


  •  Few system interfaces are in development stage.


  • The starter plan costs $2995 monthly for RevOps professionals with small teams.
  • A growth plan costs $4995 per month for organizations with maturing RevOps functions.
  • For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the sales team.
  • You can check the Syncari Pricing details on its official website.

Why Syncari is the Best Alternative to Zapier?

marketing automation tool

By considering the entire application stack as one unified system and intelligently purging, merging, augmenting, and altering data across them, Syncari assists enterprises in resolving expensive data discrepancies.

Operations experts can consolidate, clean, manage, and disseminate reliable customer data throughout the company with the help of Syncari’s data automation platform.

With a potent combination of data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync, Syncari restores data trust.

It was created for revenue operations specialists and used data flow rather than triggers to automate crucial business processes automatically.

Check the special features offered by Syncari, which makes it unique and standard when compared to other platforms:

1. RevOps Automation

marketing automation tools

GTM alignment is made enormously simple by a single no-code platform for data synchronization, management, analytics, and orchestration.

2. Upsell Detection

integration tool

Activation indicates that high-value customers are ready for expansion dialogues in the systems where account teams work.

3. Onboarding Automation

robotic process automation

Cross-functional workflows should be started as soon as an opportunity becomes a closed win to provide the best customer experience.

4. Churn Prevention

advanced tools

It has more accurately recorded cross-system consumer health. Reps should be warned when a score is moving in the wrong direction.

5. Lead Management

lead generation

Importing lists, standardizing and normalizing attributes, matching leads to accounts, and routing contacts to the proper owner are all examples of data import.

6. Account-Based Process

unlimited internal tasks

Gain a thorough overview of account interaction, and when essential intent signals appear, trigger coordinated procedures.

7. Ticketing Automation

automated tasks

Ensure important contacts are informed when support tickets are submitted and kept informed of the status with shared context automatically.

8. Order to cash

automate processes

Ensure your CRM and ERP work with the shared, synced information when a customer order is generated.

9. Revenue Reconciliation

automated workflows

You have automated sales reconciliation in CRM cash or payments collected through your ERP to control what appears on your P&L.

10. Distributed Customer 360

automated campaigns

Establish a “golden customer record” and ensure each team has the view they require to function in the system.

11. Product Data Activation

multi app workflows

Connect Syncari to the data source for your product to quickly communicate insights, signals, and trends between teams. Especially sales and marketing data can be through this product data activation.

12. CSV File Sync Data

integration solution

Before uploading data in CSV files to your systems of record, automate the tedious, time-consuming process of mapping and cleaning the data. Manual data entry takes more time, so you can perform data sync and transfer data to clients and teams.


The Data Automation Platform from Syncari is a robust, all-inclusive, and user-friendly data management solution for your entire business.

Industry experts from Syncari, a very diverse, inclusive, and entirely remote workforce, have developed enterprise-grade systems at Marketo, MuleSoft, Workato, and Zendesk.

Without the hassle of keeping a separate data warehouse, you can now spread “data truth” to every department, guaranteeing that all teams work with consistent and correct data.

business process automation

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