Tray IO Pricing: Is this automation tool worth your money?

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Tray IO has always been one of the top integrated tools in the industry. Users have always appreciated it, whether it be the Tray IO pricing or even the features.

It even offers tons of benefits to small and mid-sized businesses to stay in automation and connect to cloud stalk without hassle. That’s not all; with this software, you can easily manage your team and exponentially improve your organization’s marketing.

These are just a few of the fantastic benefits you can get from this software. Binge on till the very end to know all of it!

What Is Tray IO?

Tray IO is an integration platform for automation that lets users connect their entire cloud stack without any outside help! By using automated workflows, they can quickly connect their software applications.

Users can quickly build and streamline their business processes with the help of the visual workflow editor. The connector press can also be used to connect to any web-based software. Users can use the whole toolkit and connectors without paying extra.

Using the built-in features, users can automate processes for their employees and let them work in real-time. Organizations can improve their marketing efficiency by:

  • Streamlining the buying signals
  • Sending sales updates directly to the sales representatives
  • Offering great after-care programs that keep customers coming back

The tool currently works with 4500 APIs, constantly adding new ones. The platform can improve marketing, help businesses grow, and make buying signals and sales updates easier to understand. Users can also ask for a custom package that fits their needs to get the most out of the services.

Tray IO and Its Features

In this section, I’ve shortlisted some outstanding features that Tray IO brings you. Not only do these features come in super helpful, but they even help you manage your business perfectly! So, don’t skip any of the following to get a complete idea of this API integration platform.

Process Overview

This feature provides all the users with a holistic view of the workflow to check how the processes work combined.

Process Repository

It’s a library where you can keep your designed or even used workflows for future use or your upcoming workflows.

Low-Code App Development

Offers development environments that make it easy for users to make apps that process automation workflows and businesses with little or no coding.

No-Code App Development

It gives admins drag-and-drop tools they can easily use without coding knowledge or expertise. Therefore, it allows them to create or integrate apps that automate workflow processes.

Document Generation

Users can make documents for business processes, and various templates can be customized for the organization.

Data Unification

This feature helps to gather data from all the systems and allows users to check and view all the relevant and essential information.

Process Routing

It helps to ensure that the right employee is given the right task throughout the process.

Process Analysis

Provides essential information, such as the cost and time of a process, on a dashboard so that the effectiveness of the working functionality can easily be evaluated.

API Connection

APIs connect new applications to existing software systems. This aids to speed up development because not every feature has to be written. Moreover, APIs even let you strengthen existing codes.

Data Security

This Tray IO feature lets users access data more conveniently and safely. Moreover, it offers more help for securities like IP whitelisting, preventing attacks, and encrypting data.

API Testing

The feature gives the users an ideal place to test their API’s efficiency, functionality, and even data accuracy.


Orchestration lets IT teams and technologists automate tasks across different platforms from one single point. So, all IT servers, complex workflows, and applications can easily be monitored and managed from one place.

Traffic Control

This feature is essential as it limits access for suspicious visitors and even looks for traffic spikes to stop attacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

API Monitoring

With a striking API monitoring solution, you can see how third-party partner APIs are operating in addition to the APIs you manage. Doing this allows you to hold partners accountable and even know whom to consult if any challenges arise.

Data Transformation

This turns complicated datasets and back-end systems into such formats that applications can easily understand.

Data Sources

The feature aids you in processing the data from different sources and formats. This then gathers all the information in one single place easing your work.


The automation process allows teams to generate integrations faster. So, no-code or low-code leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) to offer intelligent mapping outputs.

Tray IO Pricing Plans

Tray IO pricing plans are pretty flexible and can easily be adjusted depending on the type of business and workflow. This enables businesses (both mid-size and small businesses) to get along with this API integration platform and get the most out of it.

Here are the features you get with different business plans for people in different fields:

 Business Users

  • Instant connection to over 600+ apps
  • Eliminates any manual work
  • Gets the job done fast and smooth

 IT and Technologists

  • Exponential scaling without any costing provisioning
  • Limits enterprise compliance and security risk
  • Encourages your teams to automate

 Service Team and ISVs

  • Provides bespoke integrations 10 times faster
  • Fully embedded scale integrations in your application
  • Transform the integrations into revenue drivers

Tray IO is considered one of the best players in the market regarding pricing. Yet, you can visit the Tray IO website for further details and personalized pricing information and decide whether it’s your “golden” deal or not.

Tray IO Benefits and Possible Shortcomings

Without question, Tray IO is special software that stands out from many other leading integration tools in the industry. However, it does come with certain drawbacks that I personally face issues during my use.


  • It can easily automate with any other cloud-based platform
  • Appreciable customer support, making it an ideal “platform as a service”

Possible Drawbacks:

  • A few of the settings can be a challenge to operate
  • The Tray IO starting price and overall pricing model might be upsetting, especially when you compare it with other leading integration software.

An Alternative Pick You Can Surely Give a Try!

Tray IO is indeed an amazing integrated software, but it’s not the only option you have in your hand. Syncari has been in the industry, being one of the top players with outstanding features and affordable pricing options.

The features that this software has to offer are remarkable.

Here’s how Syncari stands out with Tray IO (users and my personal opinions):

  • Syncari meets the business needs far better than Tray IO
  • On-process product support is pretty appreciable
  • Syncari offers free data fitness index
  • Syncari has excellent quality support compared to Tray IO
  • Priority matching is superb with Syncari

Syncari Pricing:


1. What other applications does Tray IO connect with?

Tray IO can easily connect apps like Hubspot Marketing Hub, Amazon Redshift, Active Campaigns, Google Docs, Google Drive, Zendesk Sell, Google Calendar, and more.

2. Can Tray IO store data?

Yes, objects up to 32 levels of depth can be stored.

Bottom Line

Regarding the Tray IO pricing, it might be a bit high at times, especially when you compare it with other leading software. Yet, it’s worth the try! However, if you want to go for the “best-in-quality and budget,” Syncari can, without question, be your “golden pick.”

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