Qlik Sense Pricing: Pricing, Overview & the Best Alternative

You have already heard or read about this software before, and looking for its pricing model review?
In this Qlik Sense pricing review, we will highlight the features of Qlik Sense, elaborate on its benefits, explain its pricing model, along with Qlik Sense’s best alternative.

By using Qlik Sense, individuals can get seamless access to advanced data analysis and business intelligence features. These features include Multi-Cloud/SaaS capabilities, data visualization preparation, and augmented data analytics.

No matter your skill set, you can seize the opportunity to maximize data analysis using the Qlik Sense platform. This fully interactive platform lets you leverage reporting intelligent insights to make the most out of operational datasets.

Qlik Sense Overview

Qilk sense

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Developed on Qlik’s built-in state-of-the-art associative engine, Qlik Sense enables interactive dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, reporting, self-service, conversational, and mobile analytics.

The platform has three unique plans – Qlik Sense Team, Business, and Enterprise. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, you can ensure Qlik Sense deployment anywhere.

When it comes to the Enterprise SaaS, you enjoy access to a genuine platform with robust data connectivity and integration, open and standard APIs for extension and customization, a Kubernetes-based multi-cloud/SaaS architecture, and centralized management and governance bringing scalability across the integration of public-cloud, on-premise, and private cloud environments.

For both teams and individuals, the Qlik Sense offers data visualization and discovery tools. The software’s data discovery tool enables companies of all sizes to study simple and complex data and uncover every potential relationship in their datasets. Using the drag-and-drop interface, users can build dynamic data visualizations to convey a narrative out of the findings.

The best part is that this software has a live rep to ensure quick and responsive customer service. Given the reasonable pricing model billed annually, everything about this software seems fine. Let’s look at its features and benefits before exploring the pricing model to get a clearer idea of whether the features are worth the Qlik Sense pricing.


  • Multi-Node Architecture:

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The software’s design is flexible, and its deployment is done across all platforms, including cloud environments, virtual platforms, and physical hardware.

Due to in-memory processing, it scales linearly to serve twice as many users for every additional node. By allocating applications to particular nodes, Qlik Sense facilitates proper load balancing.

  • Data Connectivity:

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Qlik Sense lets you gather and integrate information from any source, such as websites, spreadsheets, files, and databases. It also enables the data collection from data sources that are connected via ODBC, OLE DB, or on-premise and cloud-based applications, and custom sources.

Qlik Sense also supports native integrations with well-known technology partners like Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, SAP, Snowflake, and Salesforce.

  • In-Memory Storage:

Qlik Sense leverages columnar storage to significantly reduce data volume, increase RAM capacity, and deliver quicker reaction times. In the software, data relationships are shown as pointers, and unique entries are only stored once.

  • Data Mining:

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Using statistical analysis, exploration, and ML-based algorithms, Qlik Sense uncovers hidden patterns in vast amounts of data while identifying anomalies. With its dynamic, in-memory data indexing engine, one can obtain dynamic, self-service visualizations as well as query and computation results in real-time.

  • Self-Service Data Preparation:

With Qlik Sense, you will receive AI-powered suggestions on aggregating, graphically altering, and consuming data from various sources. The software uses methods like associative indexing to reveal intricate data linkages. To make data better suited for evaluation, you need to arrange and supplement it.

  • Users Environment:

The Hub – the software’s web browser UI – allows users to easily drag and drop resources to construct apps and acquire data-driven insights. The Qlik Sense Management console allows admins to control task and application management, connectivity solutions, monitoring, security administration, and auditing.

  • Responsive Web Design:

The norms of JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and web sockets enable the creation and deployment of responsive web design across all platforms. Adapt visualizations to suit any gadget, including browsers, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, by dynamically displaying and resizing them.

  • Data Visualizations:

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Qlik Sense lets you construct intelligent visualization tools depending on chart recommendations that support filtering, zooming in and out, and drilling down. It lets users create stunning, easily understandable dashboards and charts with insights from massive, complex data sources.

Using Qlik Sense business, companies can display data using many graph types, including bar and area charts, grid diagrams, heat maps, multi-KPI charts, Sankey illustrations, and word cloud diagrams.

  • Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards with interactive elements should be created and distributed to encourage visitors to delve in and visualize data independently. Improve interaction by adding drill-down, tooltip, filtering, lasso selection, range selection, and additional visualization features.

  • Reporting:

You can instantly create unique visualizations by dragging and dropping line items from a simple report view. This requires no additional development work.

Qlik Sense Pricing Model

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As you know, Qlik Sense is an excellent data visualization and business analytics tool. So, if you want to use it anytime soon, it’s obvious to wonder what the pricing model looks like. Well, the Qlik Sense pricing is divided into two categories:

  • For Data Analytics
  • For Data Integration

Qlik Sense pricing for data analytics services is further sub-categorized into three pricing models. So, let’s see what’s there in each of these plans.

Qlik Sense Business Pricing Model

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You get a free trial for this Qlik Sense pricing plan. Typically, this business plan is billed annually at $30/user/month. This plan enables the seamless modularizing of insights across organizations and teams with a cloud-based solution.

Some of the key features you get from this plan include:

  • Group Collaboration
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Associative Engine
  • Best-in-Class Modern Analytics

With this plan, you’ll get 5 Shared Spaces with user control. Also, this plan only entitles organizations to a standard app size limit (in-memory) of 1.25 Gb.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

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You need to contact the sales department of the Qlik Sense platform to connect with their live rep and get pricing quotes for their enterprise SaaS pricing model.

While including all the features that come with its basic plan, it also offers unique features like enhanced capacity, enterprise governance, and multiple user types.

Unlike the business plan, here you get a 5 Gb standard app size limit (in-memory). However, this in-memory size is expandable under this plan upon request. What makes it unique is you get unlimited ML experiments and 2 ML models included.

You can get additional ML models upon request. This plan offers 5000 Automation runs/month, which can be increased if you contact sales.

Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed

You will contact the sales department for the price quote for this enterprise client-managed package.

From multiple user types and windows server deployment to augmented analytics and associative engine, you get plenty of features with this particular plan.

Now, let’s check the Qlik Sense pricing model for data integration services.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

This pricing plan enables every organization and individual to leverage the power of cloud-based technology to move and transform data in real time. You’ll have to contact the live rep at the software’s sales department to get the price quote for this plan. They will give the exact quote based on your needs and budget. Some key features of this plan include:

  • Enterprise-class scale and security
  • Universal connectivity
  • Real-time change data capture
  • Automated data mart creation, and more.

Now comes the client-managed pricing models for data integration services by Qlik Sense. This include:

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  • Qlik Replicate: Best for data ingestion and replication across the spectrum
  • Qlik Compose for Data Lakes: Best for quick and instant access to analytics-ready data lakes.
  • Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses: Best for executing agile automation of data warehouses.
  • Qlik Catalog: Best for modern enterprise data management and cataloging
  • Qlik Enterprise Manager: Best for managing enterprise-wide data replication and pipeline automation from a single location

To know the price quotes for all these pricing models, contact the sales team of Qlik Sense company. They will consider your needs and budget to offer the best solution at a reasonable price.

Qlik Sense FAQs

  1. What is the cost of using the Qlik Sense platform?

    The Qlik Sense Business pricing starts from $30/user/month, billed annually. Most other pricing models on this platform are custom plans and offer price quotes when you contact their sales team.

  2. Is there any free plan available on the Qlik Sense platform?

    No, no free plan is available with the Qlik Sense software.

  3. Why is Syncari a better alternative?

    Syncari is better than Qlik Sense in terms of cost efficiency. With Syncari, you get the same data visualization and BI tools at a lower cost and better customer service.

Syncari: The Best Alternative To Qlik Sense

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If you think Qlik Sense is too costly or not worthwhile, you will be looking for its alternatives. One best alternative to Qlik Sense is Syncari.

It is a no-code data automation platform that helps businesses address the challenging integration problems and expensive data inconsistencies that advertising agencies increasingly encounter.

It is specifically made to help revenue executives recover authority over their databases and integrations through intelligent data cleansing, merging, and augmentation.

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Syncari unifies, dynamically enhances, and enforces the integrity of your client data before making it available within your applications through cutting-edge multidirectional synchronization.

Compared to Qlik Sense pricing, the pricing model of Syncari is better and comes with many more features than Qlik Sense doesn’t. In terms of the value of money, Syncari will always be the better choice.

How Can Syncari Help Businesses To Make Data-Driven Decisions?

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With its extensive features, Syncari assists business organizations from a variety of industries in creating dynamic dashboards in real-time.

  • Healthcare: Organizations can identify inefficiencies by analyzing a range of KPIs related to patient care. They can also monitor the entire staff, boost overall revenue, and improve patient results.
  • Public Sector: Organizational heads can create scenarios in real time depending on the information they have access to through the dashboard. Hence, accurate result prediction enhances general public health.
  • Manufacturing: Businesses can create operational and supply chain efficiency in their dashboards. Administrators get to compare real and typical values in great depth for their business-critical KPIs.
  • High Tech: In addition to enabling agile operations, IT teams can speed up their innovations and gain insight into the worldwide supply chain.
  • Financial Services: Businesses may quickly analyze cumulative revenues and associated margins, pinpoint the most valuable customers, and save costs.


Qlik Sense is an excellent BI and data visualization software tool that comes with various custom-based pricing plans along with one basic business plan priced at $30/user/month.

However, if you feel the features aren’t worth the price quote their sales team offer, you can look for its best alternatives. One such great alternative is Syncari.

This amazing, state-of-the-art data visualization tool will take care of your enterprise or business needs at a much more reasonable price.

So, if you want to go for the alternative BI solution, connect with Syncari today!

Get your Syncari subscription at a reasonable price and accelerate your business or enterprise growth!

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