Top 5 Openprise automation alternatives for your business in 2023

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Companies primarily rely on data to improve sales and productivity. For this reason, they would welcome platforms with organized data models that can handle complex data integration, data enrichment and simple task automation.

Openprise is a data automation platform your company needs to increase revenue by integrating data from multiple sources and allowing workflow automation.

In this article, you will get to know all about Openprise Alternatives. Choose the best that is suitable for your data needs.

What is Openprise?


Openprise is a cloud-based data management and automation platform that augment data workflows and help businesses streamline their data operations.

Additionally, Openprise provides a powerful and intuitive way for business users to transform data into actionable insights and integrate data management quickly.

It also helps users to identify and target new opportunities, understand customer behaviour, and optimize campaigns.


  • Workflow Management

Openprise enhances workflow management by allowing users to quickly build and manage complex, data-driven processes with minimal effort.

  • Reporting and analytics

Its ability to generate detailed reports and insights about customer behaviour and engagement made it stand out among other alternatives.

  • Data Visualizations

It allow users to generate flexible data visualizations of their data, helping them to uncover hidden insights and trends.

It displays attribution data through easy-to-interpret charts and graphs.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Openprise can generate detailed reports and insights on customer behaviour, audience segmentation to create targeted audiences, and account-based marketing to uncover high-value accounts and drive personalised campaigns for consistent messaging across channels.

  • Master Data Management

Openprise is a software tool that integrates data quality, data governance with master data management capabilities into a single platform.

It provides an intuitive data management system that allows business users to manage, cleanse, and enrich their customer data.

Why you might Need Openprise Alternatives

There are several reasons you might be looking out for alternatives to Openprise. This includes the features, integration, security and pricing. If your integration tool is lacking in any of these, you might need to consider other alternatives to Openprise.

  • Improve customer relationship

Data with personalized information help companies to easily different buyers and potential customers. It aids the marketing process and generates desired result.

  • Easy and Fast Connection Between Data stores

This is the ability to navigate through complex data landscapes to maximize operations. This helps businesses and teams take on multiple tasks at a time. Therefore, ensure you choose a platform that can meet your organisation’s needs as integration increases.

  • User-friendly platform:

A platform with a user-friendly interface makes it easier for organizations to build and manage integrations, especially for those with limited technical expertise.

  • Cost:

If you are not comfortable with the pricing, you may want to consider other alternative. Costs such as licensing and maintenance costs influence the pricing of every open-source platform.

  • Security:

As integrations often involve sensitive data, it’s important to consider the security features of a platform, such as data encryption, access control, and audit logs.

  • Integration with existing tools:

Its ability to integrate data with existing tools is what most organization look out for when choosing Openprise Alternatives. It is important to consider how well the platform integrates existing apps and the impact switching to a new platform will have on your existing processes.

Top 5 Openprise Alternatives 

  1. Improvado

Improvado is an enterprise revenue platform and marketing analytics for teams using data-driven marketing to work in major corporations and firms with a global presence.



  • Improvado allows users to automatically collect, standardize, and analyze data from multiple sources into a single data structure.
  • Improvado offers customizable reporting capabilities and allows users to create dynamic dashboards for insights.
  • It integrates data from multiple sources into one single platform.
  • It also allows users to customize their data to suit their needs better.


  • Business and data teams easily access, aggregate, and analyse data from all their sources in one platform.
  • Improvado has advanced reporting capabilities that are customizable and allow users to create dynamic dashboards for insights.


  • It can be expensive, for the number of features you need.
  • Improvado is a complex software that requires setup and training to understand.
  • This may not the best platform for organizations that need complex reporting and analytics.


Not available on the website

2. Integrate.io

Integrate.io is one of the numerous data discovery tools that allows businesses to combines data science, data management and advanced analytics in a single platform.

It provides an easy-to-use interface for connecting data from multiple sources and automating workflow processes.

It facilitates data pipeline automation.



  • Integrate.io is fast and easy to set up and use, making it an excellent choice for companies looking for an integration platform with minimal setup time.
  • It provides various integration options, from simple data transfer to complex workflow automation.
  • It has built-in analytics to help you monitor and analyse your data in real time.


  • It can be challenging to customize the platform to fit your specific needs.
  • It is less powerful and comprehensive than some other integration platforms.


Starter: $15,000/ year

Professional: $25,000/ year

Enterprise: Contact team

3. Talend

Talend is an open-source data integration platform that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for data quality, data management, and big data processing.

It provides a centralised platform for data management and integration from aggregated multi source data and destinations, focusing on data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.



  • Talend automates data processes to reduce manual intervention.
  • It unifies data collection, data visualization and analysis into a single platform
  • Talend offers data quality solutions to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.
  • The platform enables users to integrate data from various sources and destinations in the cloud.


  • Talend has an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to access and customize the software.
  • Talend automates data integration processes, reducing manual intervention.


  • Lacks adequate customer support for users who require assistance.
  • The platform can be quite expensive for most users.
  • It can be complex for inexperienced users.

Pricing information is not publicly available on their website.

4. Workato

Workato is a cloud-based automation platform connecting data, applications, and business processes. It enables users to automate complex workflows between applications and services, such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Slack, and Google Drive.

Workato provides features like a drag-and-drop workflow builder, job scheduler, data mapping, and API integration capabilities.



  • This platform offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create and modify workflows with minimal effort quickly.
  •  It is designed to scale easily to accommodate increasing data and complex data analysis modelling.
  • It can analyze SPSS data directly from complex data platforms which helps user to manage workflows.


  • It can be expensive for large organizations with complex data and workflow requirements.
  • It can be difficult for those unfamiliar with automated workflows.
  • Limited customer support and may not be able to resolve complex issues.


The pricing of Workato is based on the number of connectors and integration templates utilised, with packages ranging from $15,000- $50,000.

5. Syncari

One of the best customer data automation platform is Syncari, which enables operations specialists to distribute, manage, and clean up reliable consumer data globally.

Syncari has cloud data warehouse that create data apps which helps users to integrate and manage task.


It is a platform that has deployed data models to help revenue executives regain control over their data sources and integrations.

In most complex data environments, automation can play an essential role in helping to make your organization more efficient.

In syncari, we use advanced algorithms for complex data analysis modeling to accurately predict outcomes which influences our intelligent business decision-making in a hybrid and cloud environments.


  • RevOps Automation
  • Synchronized Information
  • Product Data Activation
  • CSV File Sync
  • Automation platform with web apps
  • It has an extensive self service capabilities which makes it attractive to many users.
  • Upsell Detection
  • Ticketing Automation


Starter: $2995/month

Growth: $4995/month

Enterprise: Contact team

Advantages of choosing syncari

Unified Data Model


Syncari helps integrate multiple data stores into unified data model. It is a no-code platform for data synchronization, management, analytics, and orchestration.

Improved Data Quality


Syncari automates data validation tasks, helping organizations to improve the quality of their data and reduce the risk of errors.

It is a data governance platform that improves the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of cross-system data with it’s intelligent data operations.

Data Integration with Multiple Data Sources

Syncari integrates data management with a wide range of data sources, including databases, cloud applications, and data warehouses, which helps organizations to get a unified view of their data.

Revenue Reconciliation

automated workflows


To manage what shows on your platform, you have to automate sales reconciliation in your CRM. Cash or payments collected through your ERP can also be controlled.

Product Data Activation

multi app workflows


Connecting Syncari to your product data source will enable teams to share insights, signals, and trends more quickly. Through this, activation of the product data, particularly sales and marketing data can be obtained.


Syncari is a customer data automation platform that helps business leaders take back control of their data and restore data confidence once and for all. With syncari, user can enjoy consistent data security for a fast workflow.

Syncari gives room for comprehensive automated data lineage in the entire data landscape.


It is a no-code data automation platform with workflow automation capabilities for marketing, sales, and revenue teams.

Syncari is explicitly built to help revenue leaders regain control of their data sources and integrations through intelligent data cleansing, merging, and augmentation.

Syncari’s data fitness index measures data quality against metrics such as its completeness, accuracy and consistency. This helps to review the quality that needs to be restored and implement solutions to improve data quality. Our goal is to streamline data analysis and decision-making by implementing a unified business intelligence platform

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