Jitterbit Pricing for 2023: Compare its ETL and workflow automation features

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The USP of Jitterbit Integration Software is that it enables seamless connections between SaaS on-premise and cloud applications for companies of all sizes. It also can add artificial intelligence to any business process immediately.

Enterprises today must effectively capture, manage, and use raw data to produce relevant business intelligence (BI). All levels of management must have access to and control over this data and the business KPIs it generates to successfully influence present and future choices.

With business analysts creating the company requirements and software engineers deploying the integration platform, teams are typically formed to develop data integration and ETL processes. This ultimately results in a significant amount of an organization’s resources being needed.

Companies can reuse business-critical applications and data to launch new offerings. Jitterbit pricing is reasonable for most clients. Check out their website for more information on Jitterbit pricing.

What Is Jitterbit?

Jitterbit is a graphical user interface (GUI) based integration software that offers users a platform and suite of productivity tools for creating and exchanging integration attempts. You can use it as a stand-alone application or integrate it with the existing enterprise application integration (EAI) infrastructure.

Jitterbit enables businesses to combine and utilize data from all sources, assisting them in making quicker, more efficient decisions. Businesses may quickly integrate SaaS, on-premises, and cloud apps using the Jitterbit API integration platform and can instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process.

The entire data integration process should be able to be designed, deployed, and managed by a business analyst.

The practical ETL tools and data integration solutions from Jitterbit offer a simple, user-friendly interface that makes data integration easier. The outcome? Organizations decrease development costs, boost productivity, and eliminate risk.

Features include:

Jitterbit is made to tackle even the most difficult tasks, whether using ETL methods for Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, or legacy software integration activities.

All significant enterprise applications, relational databases, flat files, XML, and SaaS/Cloud data are natively connected by Jitterbit.

Jitterbit uses high-speed parallel processing techniques that synchronize many computer platforms to manage the enormous data sets frequently encountered in ETL operations. Thanks to data purification and Smart Reconstruction techniques, your data will be retrieved, converted, and loaded with total dependability.

Some features that that Jitterbit support include:

  • ETL (Extract, transform, load) Tool- Jitterbit uses practical parallel processing algorithms to simplify transporting massive amounts of data. Projects can be completed in weeks or even days, thanks to this algorithm alone.

Jitterbit also offers Data Cleansing and Smart Reconstruction Tools that make it easier to clean and modify data between platforms.

  • API Creation and Customization- Jitterbit can enhance APIs to match complex use cases, making it effective when the API connection is solid and practical. If the application only uses a database to store data and you want to access it, Jitterbit can even create entirely new APIs.

Jitterbit can handle several issues that a typical ETL solution would not be able to.

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Compliance- EDI is possible with Jitterbit. This will free you from relying entirely on EDI for transactions with your EDI-compliant partners and clients. Features of Jitterbit EDI include:
    • Industry-standard Connectivity Options: Process any EDI document type, including complete AS2 connectivity for instantaneous communication with your business partners.
    • You can transform EDI messages into or out of any mix of XML, flat files, or databases using EDI data mapping.
    • Setting up and managing trading partners will enable EDI exchanges utilizing common EDI and eCommerce features.
    • Trading Partner Enablement: To enable partners and eliminate VAN dependencies, use Jitterbit to distribute integration operations to them.
  • SalesForce Data Loader-  Jitterbit’s Harmony platform includes many SalesForce-specific functionalities. Jitterbit has also made a data loader exclusively for SalesForce users available, in addition to dedicated integration templates and wizards that guide users through SalesForce integrations.

SalesForce administrators can see this software as an alternative to the native SalesForce data loader and data import wizard features. Jitterbit, however, enhances that functionality with additional features. Such as configuration using a graphical point-and-click wizard, automation, planning, and reusable actions for bulk loading, inserting, updating, querying, and deleting information.

Jitterbit Pricing

Three tiers comprise the Jitterbit Pricing: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The standard price is fixed at $1000 per month, $2500 for the professional edition, and $5000 for the enterprise edition.


They also offer custom pricing depending on the application package and requirements. New users also get a 14-day free trial option, with unlimited access.

Regarding pricing, Jitterbit is one of the better solutions. Before selecting the best package for your business, conduct extensive research and comparisons with other platforms. To learn more about Jitterbit pricing, visit their website.

Jitterbit Benefits

Organizations prioritizing innovation by integrating applications and APIs can benefit from Jitterbit in the following ways:


  • Connecting on-premises applications, cloud agents, local agents, agent grouping, and SaaS is straightforward.
  • You can add intelligence to any business process.


  • New APIs can be created from current enterprise apps or information.
  • Combine with external API to introduce fresh, creative solutions


  • Connect using options for batch processing or in real-time.
  • Join any data source.
  • Using our platform, develop a customized API with connections for business apps.
  • Offers a host of features like Salesforce lightning connect, citizen integrator, , web management console, studio visual designer, analytics, live training, etc.

Accelerate Transformation

  • Create, use, and analyze APIs safely
  • With existing data, easily construct microservices or APIS.

Use Enterprise-scale Gateways To Publish APIs

  • Through the Developer portal, find and use APIs and microservices.
  • With OpenAPI, you may publish any information or application as an API Document.

Jitterbit Next Best Alternative

Despite being one of the leading competitors in the market, Jitterbit has a few drawbacks that are readily avoided by employing comparable alternatives. If such a platform is what you’re looking for, Syncari is one of the best choices.

Jitterbit and Syncari are similar platforms, but Syncari has a few extra features that make it a superior choice. With Syncari’s data automation platform, operations specialists can unify, clean, manage, and distribute trusted consumer information throughout the firm.

Syncari restores data trust by powerfully combining data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync.

Syncari’s main distinguishing characteristics are:

  • Allows interoperability
    • Standard data model
    • Adaptive Synapses
    • Multi-directional sync that is robust
    • distributed leadership
    • transparent transaction log
  • Complete platform
    • Integration and unification of data
    • handling of data
    • Process automation
    • A fully operating, controlled data hub
    • Tool extensibility for BI

Syncari is the only tool that integrates customer data from disparate systems. It can, for example, sync data in NetSuite and Salesforce simultaneously rather than sending copies of customer information from one tool to another and back again.

Syncari also connects customer data from HubSpot to NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM to NetSuite, and Zoho CRM to NetSuite. Syncari can connect NetSuite to any of its 50+ “synapse” connectors.

By integrating NetSuite and Salesforce, you can ensure that your customer information is up to date for your finance and sales teams.

Syncari Pricing:


Is Jitterbit safe?

Jitterbit is careful to use safe and secure integration techniques. We implement stringent security controls to safeguard our clients’ sensitive information, and we regularly review, update, and improve our systems and procedures to meet the most current security requirements.

What does Salesforce’s Jitterbit mean?

Jitterbit enables businesses to combine and utilize information from all sources, assisting them in making quicker, more efficient decisions. Businesses can quickly link SaaS, on-premise, and cloud apps and instantaneously incorporate artificial intelligence into any business workflow by utilizing the Jitterbit Harmony API integration platform.

Bottom Line

With the help of the integration tool Jitterbit, you can access client information hidden in other programs or databases using your sales and marketing tools. Consider adding Census to your system if you want to enhance productivity at your business and achieve the most remarkable outcomes.

Use Syncari to improve things even more. By giving you access to extra functions for company advancement, Syncari will make the entire process much more manageable. Your company will perform better after you correctly employ JitterBit’s or Syncari’s features, regardless of your choice.

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