Introducing Data Fitness Index™: Better Data Quality is on the Way

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“Garbage in, Garbage out” 

The phrase was first made popular in the early days of computing, but has become even more applicable today. The modern surplus of technology provides access to large amounts of data, but few resources to govern and maintain it.  

Poor data quality that involves issues such as duplicate entries, incomplete records, and broken formats inevitably leads to operational inefficiencies and bad business decisions. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of machine learning, predictive analytics, and the growing wave of automation when you simply don’t trust the data you have.

So what’s the solution? At Syncari, we believe that in order to be at the leading edge, you must first gain control of your critical cross-functional data: get the basics up and running and processes dialed in, then automate it so you can move on and never look back. That’s why we built a no-code solution to help customers unify and clean fragmented data across their systems of record, automatically ensuring the right data gets to the right place at the right time. 

And today we’re excited to announce Syncari’s latest release, Data Fitness Index™, making it even easier to automate workflows with high quality data you can actually trust.

What is Data Fitness Index™?

Product Highlight: Data Fitness Index

Syncari’s Data Fitness Index (DFI) was designed to help users easily assess their data based on rules and logic to address various business requirements. We believe this release will fundamentally change the way organizations use data and insights to make better decisions, faster. 

In order to improve data fitness (also known as data health) within a company, we believe the data should follow a core set of principles. It must be:

  • Complete: Are all required fields populated?
    • Example: “I can’t call a prospect if I don’t have their phone number”
  • Correct: Is the data accurate and formatted properly?
    • Example: “Phone numbers must be valid and be formatted correctly for my auto-dialer”
  • Consistent: Does the same data appear in multiple places?
    • Example: “Phone numbers in my CRM should match what’s in my Sales Enablement application”

Within Syncari, you can see the Data Fitness Index in the form of aggregate score with the ability to drill down by source system, object, and field. From there you can diagnose and resolve data integrity issues directly in the platform, isolate problematic records,  then build automated data pipelines to continuously monitor and tune, ensuring insidious data problems won’t re-emerge in the future.  

Michael Parry, the Director of Sales Ops at ServiceMax, said it best:

“Syncari’s Data Fitness Index gives me unprecedented visibility into the quality of my data across systems. I can pinpoint the source of issues, automatically stamp them out for good, and empower our sales, marketing and customer success teams to act with trusted, unified data.”

This is only the beginning…

Syncari’s Data Fitness Index is now available to all Syncari users. We’re continuing to develop DFI capabilities, including weighted scoring adjustments and advanced custom fitness rule criteria. We’ll also optimize our out-of-the-box scoring to include measurement against an even broader set of principles, including:

  • Timeliness: Is the right data available at the right time?
    • Example: “The phone number from my enrichment service needs to make it into my Sales Enablement application in time for rapid response”
  • Relevance: Is the data clear and usable?
    • Example: “Is this opportunity from my target account list?”
  • Integrity: Will the data remain accurate throughout normal operations?
    • Example: “Once a prospect becomes a customer, ensure finance is the authority on the phone number.”

We’re excited about the journey ahead and look forward to telling you more about it in the months to come. 

To learn more about Syncari’s Data Fitness Index, watch our quick deep-dive demo where we unveil the new features.

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