Introducing Custom Actions: Just-in-Time Logic Extender

Call almost any web-based API from a pipeline to take actions during your pipeline or store data into your unified Syncari data model with our new feature: Custom Actions!

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re thinking about a problem and you’re not sure of the answer? So you do the most logical thing and open up your browser to Google: “How do I…“. Your query could be “What’s the tax rate in Sheboygan?” Or “How to send an SMS message using code?” Or even “How do I add inbound leads to a campaign” for a new CRM you’ve never used before.

Similar to the way search engines bridged the gap between your question and your answer, many SaaS systems use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to deliver tools for system-based communication. APIs let your systems ask another app to do something (request information or take an action), and then use the response to inform events that happen in your system.

Programmers use APIs to create new connections between apps or to extend those capabilities, and Syncari wanted to make that easier for our customers. That’s why we created Custom Actions – the best way to add logic to your Syncari instance from almost any system – to make it easier to connect Syncari with other systems. With Custom Actions, Syncari posts requests (or GET, PUT, or PATCH, depending upon your preference) from Syncari pipelines to other systems of your choice.

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Why Custom Actions?

Custom Actions give you an easy way to extend your business processes to all your systems. Want to ask an email verification service whether an email is valid or an account address is correct? Now you can. Need to kick off a project in Asana or send a text message in Twilio? Custom Actions enables you to do that. Or, go even deeper and trigger one of your own custom business processes using any API, as long as it’s available on the web.

At Syncari, we’re just getting started at building reusable, extensible ways to improve your Syncari pipelines. We believe your software should adapt to how your business works and not force you to settle for the existing — and usually troublesome — integrations offered by SaaS providers. By combining the systems you want to use with your custom rules defining how you want to use them, Syncari makes it easy for you to add functionality to your pipelines.

Custom Actions are automatically available within any of your Syncari pipelines for easy reuse. This means if you build functions — e.g. adding contacts to campaigns or checking an email address to see if it is valid — it’s just a few clicks to add them into your existing Syncari pipelines. And if you need to update your Custom Action later, simply edit and publish it again to update your pipelines with the newest version.

Why Syncari?

Our no-code solution helps you clean, unify, and fix your operational data. We make it possible for your teams to not only have better, more useful operational data but also be able to respond quickly with strategic insights. Our platform connects leading revenue operations SaaS platforms, unifies them with clean, consistent data and processes that span across the entire organization, and distributes truth to every system and team. With Syncari, you’ll spend less time being a solely operational resource and more time discussing and executing strategy.

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