How to Run a Powerful RevOps GTM Meeting

In this blog you'll find tips on how to run a strategic and tactical GTM meeting that aligns your teams and sets the cadence to success. And it all starts with RevOps.

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RevOps is the GTM Connector

RevOps touches every aspect of go-to-market — it’s the glue that proactively ties in all stakeholder information and the conduit that aligns teams around a shared goal. They are the collaborative heartbeat of a good business. And they need to be at the helm of interconnecting teams and driving revenue.

“You’re missing a huge opportunity if you’re not asking your RevOps people for perspective. They’re the most cross-functional team members you have, therefore they see go-to-market holistically,” advises Mollie Bodensteiner, Director of Revenue Operations for Syncari.

That’s why a weekly or bi-weekly cross-teams GTM stand-up is so important. It pulls in all the teams and keeps everyone on the same multi-lane highway to successfully achieve business objectives. Whether you’re a RevOps team of one or twenty it all starts with a clear and aligned cross-functional roadmap. This will define asks and dependencies of your GTM meeting and help you hit targets faster.

First, Cross-functional Team Alignment

Before gathering the GTM teams, ask yourself a few questions:

Are the teams in agreement on shared metrics?

Are data definitions clearly defined?

Are shared goals and objectives set?

Has there been a review and analysis of the work already done?

Once those questions are addressed and agreed upon, you have laid the foundation for advancing GTM planning and execution.  In addition, identify the key stakeholders who will make final decisions for each team. Nailing down the sign-off process will expedite your planning and help to quickly align teams. Once decisions are made, they need to be documented in a shared space to be used as a guide going forward. This is the start to dismantling silos and forming a Venn system where there is common ground.

Key Items for Your RevOps GTM Meeting

  1. Weigh out the communication style of your company. Will they be more responsive to an Agile approach, or a more conversational forum?
  2. Once you decide on a format – be consistent. This will help attendees to be prepared.
  3. Keep notes and, particularly, action items. This also means clearly assigning responsibility and deciding on a realistic deadline.
  4. Send out the previous meeting’s Action Items and notes the day before your next meeting. Be sure to include new data or dashboard views to review what is working and what’s not.
  5. Moderate and remind attendees of time restrictions and don’t let attendees go off-topic.
  6. Review next steps and be clear who owns them
  7. Shout out and kudos – always good to end the meeting letting others know they are appreciated.

Set Parameters

RevOps often gets pulled in many directions and it can be easy to go off-topic during a GTM meeting. You must be prepared to help others understand that you are not a ticket fulfillment team. Keeping tabs on the types of requests the team gets will give you leverage for teachable moments and showcase what is and isn’t a RevOps responsibility. You’ve got to be fearless in your communication, but professional.

GTM alignment is pivotal and having RevOps at the helm steering is an essential part of success.

Want to learn more about team alignment? Check out this Syncari blog on empowering your engineering team to stay connected.


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