HighTouch Pricing: Is this data integration tool worth the money?

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Customers can easily sync customer data from a data warehouse with technologies like CRMs, email programs, and ad networks using HighTouch. They use SQL and, without engineering assistance, sync data to numerous tools from any source (data warehouses, spreadsheets).

Your data warehouse is your one-stop shop for accurate customer information. Hightouch synchronizes this data with the applications used by your company’s staff. You can give your customer success, sales, and marketing teams a complete picture of the client in the applications they use.

What Is Hightouch

Hightouch, one of the industry’s top data activation platforms, syncs data from data warehouses into the SaaS applications that business teams use daily.

Better data promotes business growth. You can run customized advertising, push, and email campaigns and iterate without requesting technical benefits. Target leads by utilizing unique PQL and MQL models, sync a single customer view with your CRM and create a 360° picture of your customers in your CS CRMs- all under one platform.

The trustworthy information that Hightouch sends into your operational tools from the warehouse may be used by every team to take action. Operational analytics can enhance automation, procedures, and personalization without specialized technical concerns or bespoke scripts.

The company’s platform enables client organizations to use and disseminate product data when necessary by combining the data warehouse with CRM and go-to-market technologies and placing customer success, sales, and marketing teams on the same page by sharing the same customer data.


Some benefits of using Hightouch include:

  • Personalization of marketing and products
  • effective advertising targeting
  • less customer turnover
  • improved financial forecasting

Mid Size Businesses, Small businesses, enterprises, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government are some of the users and entity types that Hightouch works with.

Key Features

Hightouch has various features for different business sectors. Here’s a list of all the features Hightouch has to offer.

Data Sourcing

  • Data Enrichment- enhances client profiles using external data sources.
  • Expandability– Able to be updated to include new data sources and kinds.
  • Content marketing– Can serve as a platform for content marketing.

Data Management

  • Data integration-unifies technology connected to data and data in a single environment.
  • Metadata-enables the administration of metadata.
  • Self-service- empowers the user by giving them the ability to manage data workflows on their own.
  • Automated processes- End-to-end data workflows across the data integration lifecycle are fully automated.
  • Data modeling- enables the development of SQL models for data warehouse querying.
  • Audit- granular logging for auditing requirements.
  • Observability- Live to monitor the reverse ETL procedure
  • Data mapping- Establishes the data mapping between the target tools and the data warehouse.
  • Reporting- View the progress of the sync and view reports and visualizations using the reverse ETL data.


  • Business Analysis- Analyzes the effectiveness and return on investment of marketing campaigns.
  • Predictive Modeling- Based on statistical models, predictive modeling makes outcomes predictions and can shed light on “what-if” scenarios.
  • Recommendation Engine– Makes suggestions based on desired results using artificial intelligence.


  • Pre-built connectors- templates and examples make it easier to design APIs and integrate them.
  • Custom Connectors allow users to build connectors using the catalog’s pre-existing services and APIs.


  • Reporting- offers dashboards to get real-time information on API usage, performance, and problems.
  • Data mapping- makes it easier for apps and web services to transfer data back and forth following the data model.


  • Debugging- Makes real-time debugging available to notify users of any sync failures.
  • Automation of Workflows- Supports the development of data pipelines and automated workflows.
  • Notifications- Supports notifications in workflows as well as chat programs like Slack.
  • API integrations– Building data workflows is made possible by several pre-built connectors and API integrations.
  • Programmed data sync trigger- Dynamically trigger syncs using open APIs
  • Sync of Incremental Data- Support for incremental syncing is native.
  • Data analysis- Return the sync logs to the warehouse for auditing.


  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Systems
  • EDI


  • Analytics expertise– enables data management and embraces data-driven decision-making by offering a high-performance, flexible platform.
  • Dashboard displays– Utilize a dashboard to gather and present metrics related to the data integration.


  • Data Observability- all involved monitor data pipelines, send alarms, and debug data
  • Evaluating abilities- Uses testing tools like a report, big data, cloud data migration, ETL, and data warehouse testing.

Cloud Deployment

  • Cloud Migration- supports component or pipeline migration to various cloud environments.

Hightouch Pricing

The monthly starting price for Hightouch Audiences is $350.0. Hightouch Audiences offers two different plans:

  • Starting a monthly payment is $350.00.
  • $800.00 a month for pro.

With few features, Hightouch Audiences offers a Free Plan. In addition, they provide an Enterprise Plan for the product.

If the prices of Hightouch are not up your alley, you can always look into another alternative.

Best alternative to Hightouch is Syncari

Hightouch and Syncari are similar platforms; however, Syncari has a few more features that make it a better choice. With Syncari’s data automation platform, operations specialists can unify, clean, manage, and distribute trusted consumer data throughout the firm.

Syncari restores data trust by powerfully combining data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync. Look into Syncari pricing and other details to better understand how the platform works. Starting Price for Syncari users is $2995/month. This includes 3 Synapses and 300,000 records


How does Hightouch operate?

Using SQL and without the assistance of engineering, sync data to 70+ tools from any source (data warehouses, spreadsheets). Leading B2B businesses use Hightouch to sync data about product usage into Salesforce, while B2C businesses use Hightouch to sync data about product usage into tools for lifecycle and ad marketing.

How does Hightouch store data?

Hightouch will save row-level log metadata, such as success and failure rates, actions taken, and API request and response payloads, in addition to previous query results. Your VPC and Hightouch’s encrypted bucket can store the data that enables the in-app debugger.

Bottom Line

With the help of the integration tool Hightouch, you may access client data hidden in other programs or databases using your sales and marketing tools. Consider adding Hightouch to your system if you want to enhance productivity at your business and achieve the most significant outcomes.

Use Syncari to improve things even more. By giving you access to extra functions for company advancement, Syncari will make the entire process much more manageable.

Your company will perform better after you correctly employ Hightouch or Syncari’s features, regardless of which one you choose.

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