Coffee With Customers Ep. 2: Metadata's Sam Bowley & Product Usage Data

“Put more time back in the day of the sellers. Where the sellers operate is where I need to surface the data.”

This is one of Sam Bowley’s philosophies as a RevOps professional. If sellers use Slack or Salesforce, he goes on, then product usage data needs to get right in front of them in the systems they use every day.

But how do you actually sync insights from your product data out of your product database into go-to-market systems? 

We discussed this and so much more in the second episode of our Coffee with Customer Series, featuring Sam Bowley, Sr. Director of RevOps at Metadata.io. Before Syncari, Metadata (the hottest thing for B2B advertising) was wrangling product usage data in spreadsheets, and even then it was barely used data.

Metadata - Product Usage Data

Learn how Metadata used Syncari to get product usage data into Salesforce, keep Salesforce clean, and activate customer health signals in Slack to keep fully remote account teams aligned.

Sam and I covered a lot of ground in our chat. Click any of the links below to watch the specific clip:

  1. 01:17 Need for product usage data activation
  2. 02:43 Impact of breaking down the product data silo
  3. 03:25 Quick wins with Syncari
  4. 05:20 Right data, right place, right time
  5. 06:15 Walkthrough of how Metadata uses Syncari
    1. 07:00 Data unification 
    2. 09:30 Slack alerts and notifications
    3. 10:40 Lead to Account Matching and Dedupe
    4. 12:00 Product data activation
    5. 14:30 Eliminating SpreadsheetOps
    6. 17:55 Real-time customer health score (vs. 30 day lag)
  6. 20:30 Building a best of breed stack
  7. 21:25 Problems with Zendesk to Salesforce native integration

Or watch the full video:

You can also read the Metadata case study here.

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