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At a certain point, you will start to recognize that there is plenty of potential in the data compared to the dashboards and charts.

Well, you will be amazed to know that the data has infinite opportunities. But you might feel there is a massive gap between the tools and the data in the warehouse. The gap between reality and potential has shut down, thanks to “Reverse ETL.”

The Reverse ETL tools can move the synced modeled customer data from the data warehouses and then push it back within 3rd-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more. Currently, one of the leading Reverse ETL software is “Census,” and it’s pretty popular in the market.

Census was also the first software that established the category for “Reverse ETL” and also the first-ever “Reverse ETL” tool that obtained the SOC2 Type 2 Compliance. But here, in this post, you will learn about some of the best GetCensus Alternatives that are worth checking out. So, let’s begin!

Top GetCensus Alternatives

Even though Census is an outstanding tool and it’s also the best when dealing with high data volumes, there are other tools apart from Census, which are also an excellent choice. Here are some of the best alternatives for GetCensus that are worth exploring:


Screenshot of Syncari website homepage

Source: syncari.com

Syncari is an excellent data analytics and automation tool that assists your operations employees in unifying, cleansing, managing, and sharing trusted data (customer data) across the company. Syncari leverages a powerful integration of multidirectional sync, workflows, and data management.

It is one of the best automation marketing tools with the fusion of the advanced Operational Data Warehouse with multidirectional syncing for shifting the integrated yet still warehouse revenue apps into an OS for business needs like billing.

Syncari assists companies in resolving expensive data warehouse inconsistencies by working on the company application stack as a harmonized single platform while smartly cleaning, fusing, augmenting, and converting data across them.

This platform is explicitly designed for revenue warehouse professionals and involves no code or programming to automate critical business operations via data flows instead of any trigger.

Among the various applications, Syncari is the one that enables you to automate workflows seamlessly within a specific system, across all your tools, or across two systems with the event data normalized by the software’s operational database.

Why Use Syncari:

  • Real-Time Transfer of Data: Syncari has a robust integration with data warehouse units like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, etc. It enables you to transmit data rapidly while ensuring seamless bandwidth utilization on both ends.
  • Seamless Data Transition: Syncari offers a minimalistic user interface to alter, modify, correct, and enrich data that you intend to transmit.
  • Security: Syncari assures not only high performance but also a high-end secure architecture that ensures secure data handling in a regular manner with minimal or no data loss.
  • Availability of Connector: Syncari is a platform for a wide range of connectors, and it enables you to extract data from multiple data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, etc., in an integrated form that is ready for the analytics teams.
  • Minimalistic: It is simple and intuitive to use the Syncari platform. It ensures data export with a few clicks.
  • Live Customer Support: The Syncari representatives are always available to support your marketing team regarding any issues they face during personalized campaigns via chat, support calls, or email.

Why Choose Syncari for Your Reverse ETL Business Needs:

  • Simple to Use: You won’t require SQL or DBT code to transform and sync trusted data.
  • Pre-Built Governance: Always stay updated about what has changed and why.
  • Self-Resolving Connectivity: Say goodbye to sync errors with Syncari’s reverse ETL solution.


Screenshot of HighTouch website homepage

Source: hightouch.com

If you take it from the “Reverse ETL” perspective, Hightouch is certainly an outstanding software to work with. It will easily and quickly sync customer data within tools like Ad networks, email tools, and CRMs.

With Hightouch, you can easily sync data from all sources, such as spreadsheets and data warehouses, to point-and-click UI, utilizing SQL or over 150 tools. You can do so without depending on favors from Engineering.

For instance: You can easily sync all the data on how the leads are utilizing the product to the CRM so that the sales reps can unlock product-led growth and personalized messages.

With this tool, you can already use the data you have to self-serve all your marketing campaigns. Besides that, you will also get notifications off the data warehouses and get to go beyond the drive actions and dashboard, such as Asana tasks or automated Slack messages.

Hightouch also comes with four types of pricing options, and the free trial is one of them. The other three pricing models are Starter [$350 per month], Pro [$800 per month], and Business [Contact the experts to learn about this pricing].

Why Choose Hightouch :

  • It will work on all devices


Screenshot of Amperity website homepage

Source: amperity.com

Amperity is intelligent software used to optimize personalized campaigns and develop extended relationships with your clients.

It provides forecasting insights on your customer behavior (purchase pattern), their buying channels, product preferences, and more. Such customer data makes things easy and convenient for marketing teams.

Why Choose Amperity:

  • It offers a platform solution to its users where they can quickly access multiple solo-level components to feed analytics like business intelligence tools, data lakes, and modeling environments.
  • Also, it provides crucial insights to companies about their customers’ data by empowering them with fast SQL, data visualization, and reporting.


Screenshot of Segment website homepage

Source: segment.com

A great alternative to the census platform – Segment – enables marketing teams to access reliable and clean customer insights and data. This customer data platform helps companies to boost growth, make real-time decisions, and personalize users’ experiences.

Segment is a popular software used across 70+ nations by more than 20,000 companies. Thanks to this platform, companies can better connect and instigate trustworthy first-party data across 300+ data warehouses, analytics, and third-party marketing tools.

Why Choose Segment:

  • Whether you decide to personalize an email, respond to a support ticket, or update the product, remember that poor data results in poor outcomes for the enterprise.
  • Segment emerges as the most convenient solution to make sure each and every team can rely upon and access your first-party customer data.


Screenshot of Zeotap website homepage

Source: zeotap.com

Zeotap is another great alternative customer data platform for Census. This software prominently assists companies in accurately comprehending customers and predicting their behaviors to provide more valuable user experiences.

This tool enables company brands to create a focal point of the first-party data to triumph over the new customers’ expectations and boost their loyalty.

Zeotap comes with self-governing but integrated modules that comprise customers’ data integration enrichment, analytics, modeling, resolution, and activation to over 100+ partners in the market campaign. The software is popular for offering a 360-degree reality view with data privacy as its top-tier concern.

Why Choose Zeotap:

  • This software company potently balances the customers’ political demand for compliance and the usual demand for personalization.
  • Moreover, the software enables hyper-targeting, behavior tracking, multi-step marketing, data orchestration, data cleansing, and email marketing.

Hevo Activate

Screenshot of Hevo website homepage

Source: hevodata.com

Hevo Activate assists companies in transferring data from sources like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, etc., to SaaS apps and Supports third-party tools like Intercom, Zendesk, CRMs like Salesforce, and more.

Why Choose Hevo Activate:

  • The software is fully organized and automates the work process of loading data from the desired data warehouse to the destination fields.
  • It helps you focus on your other crucial business operations by looking after all your data process requirements.


Screenshot of Polytomic website homepage

Source: polytomic.com

Polytomic is yet another great alternative to the Census software. This reverse ETL platform enables companies to create a live perspective of each and every customer data they require in HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and other business solutions within a few minutes.

Why Choose Polytomic:

  • It allows data synchronization from multiple data sources like databases, data warehouses, APIs, spreadsheets, etc., and picks custom destination fields they intend to sync via these sources.
  • The software also offers a feature that lets users schedule data, sync it in real time, or invite others to execute the requisite operations.


Screenshot of Grouparoo website homepage

Source: grouparoo.com/reverse-etl

Grouparoo is another well-known reverse ETL software and an excellent alternative to Census. It allows companies to shift or transfer real-time data between their databases or data warehousing units and cloud-based operational tools.

Why Choose Grouparoo:

  • One of the key attributes that distinguish this software from other tools is that it provides an open-source, free community edition.
  • It implies that companies can modify the code base to meet their explicit business requirements and unique use case.
  • Besides the free edition, the software also has two paid pricing tiers: Enterprise Cloud and Standard Cloud.


Screenshot of Acquia website homepage

Source: acquia.com/marketing-cloud-cdp

Acquia, a software company that recently took over the CDP startup AgilOne, is an excellent customer data platform for each and every B2C company.

Why Choose Acquia:

  • The software company aims to restore or revive the personal relationships between customers and companies they once had before the intervention of channel-specific marketing depots.
  • By utilizing real-time APIs to manage personalized user experiences across every touch point, forecasting models for comprehending customer behavior, and a single customer view across different channels, Acquia produces genuine omnichannel customer-business relationships that boost lifetime value.

Here’s why Syncari Is The Winner!

Almost every business organization nowadays has an incredibly high volume of data with vigorous structure.

Preparing and managing a reverse ETL pipeline from point zero for such data is a complicated and hectic process, as companies will need to leverage a vast amount of tools and resources to create it. Also, businesses will have to keep track of and maintain consistency with the increased Schema variations and data volume.

Instead, businesses can leverage the power of automated tools like Syncari. Among the various alternatives to Census, Syncari is the best one as it comes with a wide range of features at the most reasonable cost.

So, get started with your reverse ETL pipeline creation with Syncari today!

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