Syncari Pioneers Data-Model Driven Approach to Lead Management Automation


Marketers can now automate workflows with data from all systems in the customer journey, not just CRM or MAP.

Syncari pioneers data-model driven approach to lead management automation

San Francisco, March 15, 2022 ( – Syncari, the company behind the world’s first full-stack data automation platform built for revenue teams, today announced at Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference, new Quick Starts for lead management. These templatized workflows contain pre-built field mappings to Syncari’s unified data model and business logic that helps customers automate common lead management processes with data from every source in the revenue tech stack.   

Syncari provides a zero-code data automation platform that empowers operations professionals to unify, govern, and automate data across the enterprise. Founded in 2019 by former Marketo executives, Syncari extends the concept of the native sync between Adobe Marketo Engage and Salesforce to every business system, unlocking interoperability.

Organizations need accurate and interoperable lead data to properly support customers along their journey from leads to billings. Until now, leaders have been faced with wasting time and money trying to integrate important lead data from the various applications housing the information. The tangled web of point-to-point connections that results from this approach is brittle and lacks visibility of the entire process. With Syncari, organizations can now benefit from a unified approach to lead management by gaining real-time access to all their important data without coding. Syncari customers are already reaping the benefits. 

After an acquisition, Conga, the leader in digital transformation for commercial operations, was left with multiple lead databases and CRMs. They needed a way to automate complex lead management processes that spanned all of these data sources without relying on their IT department. Conga turned to Syncari, and within 60 days was able to unify their lead, contact, and account data and improve their response times 4x.

“Syncari has given us the option to not have Salesforce as the center of our data universe,” said Chris Thompson, Head of Marketing Operations at Conga. “Now, any component can be at the center. And to me, that alone is worth its weight in gold.”

Syncari’s data-model-driven approach to lead management empowers revenue teams to boost sales productivity, accelerate response times, and improve targeting and outreach. “With these new Quick Starts, we are transforming the way organizations think about lead management,” said Nick Bonfiglio, founder and CEO of Syncari. “Gone are the days of importing a list and hoping for the best while your data decays and your leads go stale. By automating your lead management engine with Syncari, you will improve your customer experience from their first interaction through every stage of the customer lifecycle.” 

Included in this release are Quick Starts which will enable customers to:

  • Align lead, contact and account data across their entire tech stack
  • Standardize data formats for phone, job title, state, country, and industry
  • Deduplicate leads globally
  • Append leads with data from a third-party provider
  • Activate trusted lead data in automated workflows

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Syncari is a VC-backed startup founded by an experienced team from Marketo, MuleSoft, Workato, and Zendesk. Syncari provides a full-stack data automation platform that empowers operations professionals to unify, clean, manage, and distribute trusted customer data across the enterprise. Syncari restores data trust with a powerful fusion of data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync. For more information, visit

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