HubSpot + NetSuite Automation and Integration

What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot is a marketing and sales platform that offers a range of software products, including Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CRM. Individuals, start-ups, SMBs, and enterprises use these products to optimize their RevOps channels. 

Whether you want to gain and retain customers or foster your customer service processes, HubSpot helps you with sales promotion and inbound marketing solutions. 

If you’re reading this, you probably use HubSpot as your CRM.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a cloud-computing platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, e-commerce, and professional services automation (PSA). 

Its unified business management suite gives you access to products, solutions, and services for delivering business applications across the internet and primarily managing ERP financials. 

If you’re reading this, you probably use NetSuite as your ERP and billing tool.

Why integrate HubSpot with NetSuite?

Using NetSuite, CRM customers can connect their marketing and sales efforts with HubSpot to measure their campaigns and sales revenue more effectively. 

With NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Connect, you can integrate a series of packaged solutions with HubSpot and benefit from on-demand and on-site enterprise applications that monitor performance.

You’re probably looking for one of two scenarios:

  • Quote-to-cash, or a way for HubSpot CRM closed-won accounts to populate NetSuite billing information for the finance team to begin collecting revenue.
  • Lead matching, routing, and management, where HubSpot is your marketing automation tool and NetSuite is your CRM, and you need new leads and existing contact engagement to map back to NetSuite accounts and contacts.

What’s the best way to sync HubSpot with NetSuite?

You can integrate HubSpot with NetSuite in two ways. Here are your strategy options:

  • Native sync using HubSpot or NetSuite
  • iPaaS tools (NetSuite to HubSpot and back)

Common problems

NetSuite is notoriously difficult to integrate with marketing and sales tools like Salesforce, Outreach, and HubSpot. In fact, companies turn to only a handful of providers or instead use off-the-shelf iPaaS tools. 

If you’re thinking about using native sync, read this first. The troubleshooting and managing process is time consuming.

If you’re thinking about using iPaaS tools to build field-level mappings between HubSpot and NetSuite, consider that you’ll need many workflows to keep all fields up to date.

Instead, you should be able to use a tool that provides codeless, stateful synchronization across both tools and others in your stack.

Intro to Syncari for HubSpot to NetSuite sync

Syncari is a RevOps automation platform that unifies your data across all go-to-market (GTM) systems. When you need customer success tools, sales engagement solutions, ERP, finance, data enrichment, and more, our platform facilitates the process.

Build your deduplication and merge logic in Syncari’s Merge Studio, then maintain it over time. Syncari keeps running during NetSuite outages and syncs data once it’s back online. 

Then, build your own quote-to-cash or lead management workflows — without code.

Regardless of the location or number of sources you have, Syncari simplifies your data synchronization from start to finish. 

How to sync HubSpot with NetSuite using Syncari

You can route data from objects within HubSpot and NetSuite to select entities using Syncari’s Sync Studio. You’ll see data updates in near real time, whether files are deduplicated, enriched, or cleansed before being stored in Syncari. 

The HubSpot Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Company
  • Contact
  • Owner
  • Ticket
  • Product

The NetSuite Synapse synchronizes these objects:

  • Contact
  • Customer and opportunity
  • Employee
  • Journal entry
  • Vendor
  • Assembly and inventory items
  • Item group
  • Non-inventory purchase and resale items
  • Kit item
  • Other charge purchase, sale, and resale items
  • Payment, service purchase, and service resale items
  • Description item
  • Discount and gift certificate items
  • Markup and subtotal items
  • Sales order and sales order line items
  • Invoice and invoice line items
  • Customer payment and customer payment line items
  • Price level
  • File
  • Subscription (i.e., line, change order, change order line, plan, plan line)
  • Currency and subsidiary
  • Billing account and billing schedule

Contact Syncari 

If you’re interested in simplified, reliable data synchronization, start a free 30-day trial or request a custom demo with Syncari today. We offer multiple tool-pairing solutions to automate and organize your entire business.