Repairs the data that runs your business

Stop focusing on just the 27% of your data you use for visualization. Syncari’s intelligent data management allows your business to interconnect all your data to improve the quality of customer touches across the enterprise. It eliminates inaccurate and incomplete data from your applications, which leads to increased revenue, decreased churn, and consistent support of customers, addressing 100% of the data that runs your business.

What L.A.’s maddening, $19B carjam, can teach you about data quality

Every year, L.A. drivers each spend 128 hours imprisoned in freeway traffic—among the worst in the nation—which siphons $19 billion out of the L.A. economy. To put that in perspective, that’s the size of NASA’s budget. If each of those irate, captive drivers were a piece of data, the whole Los Angeles sprawl would be a fitting diagram of most…

It’s official, we’ve hit SaaS connector overload

Every day I see another SaaS app go ‘must-have’ viral and I wonder how long the center can hold. When the average midsize startup uses 123 SaaS tools (enterprises use thousands) and 78 percent of organizations are increasing their spend on cloud services, all I can think about are all those messy connections and what a drag they are on…

Built too frail: Why your data governance initiative wasn’t going to work anyway

If Europe’s new GDPR data regulations started a fire, California’s new act is pouring on the petrol. The legislation grants consumers even more rights effective January 1 of next year, and has companies scrambling to get their data house in order.  If regulations weren’t enough, MIT has found that bad data is more expensive than we thought: It costs companies…

Enforce global data quality from one interface

The single system of record is a myth, which is why we built a solution to help every department data quality and governance across all SaaS applications that contain customer data. Read the overview of the Syncari Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform.