Syncari Report Confirms Organizations are Ignoring Their Chaotic, Untrustworthy Data

Nearly all (96%) of C-levels don't trust their data; 9 in 10 of all respondents don't trust data matches across top business systems

Syncari, the company behind the world’s first no-code data automation platform, today released its groundbreaking report, The Great Divide: Why Organizations Are Ignoring Their Chaotic Data. The report found that trust in corporate data is at a minimum, the increased complexity in modern software structure is causing rampant issues, and the methods by which corporate data is collected and analyzed are stretching available resources to the limit of breaking.

“The results paint a clear picture: while most C-levels and the rest of the organization believe the path forward is easily manageable, a look under the façade shows organizations are much more chaotic than they seem. And operations professionals — the ones holding the chaos back — are drowning,” said Aaron Landgraf, Head of Marketing at Syncari.

“For years, vendors have been claiming to solve data issues through iPaaS, MDM, RPA, CDP, you name it. That, in part, caused so much fatigue that companies have been focused on the wrong things, and have actually made the problem worse,” Landgraf explains.

In fact, Syncari found that there isn’t even a consensus among the different parts of an organization about what’s in place in their companies. While 71% of C-levels and 79% of other employees believe their company has a “single source of truth,” only 39% of operations professionals — those closest to a company’s data — say the same. This represents a great disconnect between the professionals in an organization who manage the data and those who use it.

“Operations professionals will find a lot of validation in what we’ve been saying as an industry because of the results from this survey. Hopefully, this report starts a lot of conversations about how organizations can better handle their data,” says Asia Corbett, Head of Revenue and Community Operations, RevGenius.

The results also unsurfaced a concerning lack of trust in corporate data. A staggering 96% of C-levels surveyed revealed that they don’t have complete trust in their GTM dashboard data. Other parts of the organization do not fare much better: 91% of operations professionals do not have complete confidence that the data they access in their day-to-day systems matches data in other organizational platforms.

“In years past, one goal companies have marched towards is creating a ‘single source of truth.’ What you should instead be striving for is complete, accurate, and up-to-date information across the top systems your teams use,” Landgraf continues. “We call this distributed truth, where all systems have the same, accurate, timely data. This gives organizations the data they need to operate at the speed necessary for growing their business.”

To find out why chaotic data has become and remains so large a problem, as well as the tactics necessary to combat it in organizations, download the report here.

The research survey was created by Syncari and RevGenius, one of the largest revenue operations communities. Respondents included both C-level executives and revenue operations leaders at small-to-medium-sized and enterprise organizations.

About Syncari

Syncari is a VC-backed startup founded by an experienced team from Marketo, MuleSoft, Workato, and Zendesk. Syncari provides a data automation platform that empowers operations professionals to unify, clean, manage, and distribute trusted customer data across the enterprise. Syncari restores data trust with a powerful fusion of data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync.

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Aaron Landgraf, Head of Marketing, Syncari