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Syncari’s Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform gives businesses comprehensive data management, enabling every department to use the full benefits of their operational systems.

With Syncari, organizations can operate efficiently without the overhead of multiple costly data management platforms.

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A Best-In-Class Solution

The Syncari technology is universally applicable and can deliver multidirectional synchronization across the enterprise. Our mission is to uplevel our category by ensuring consistent and clean data across a company’s SaaS systems.

Each of these are of specific interest and focus to businesses who leverage today’s best-in-category SaaS strategies to optimize their businesses.

Innovative Data Technology

Under the hood, Syncari is powered by unique and innovative data processing power, enabling features such as enhanced merging, deduplication, data augmentation, and algorithmic conflict resolution.

Syncari's intelligent connectors, called Synapses, go beyond integration with a deep understanding of the systems they connect, giving companies unprecedented control of their data landscape from one system.

Powered By Machine Learning

Syncari puts the full power of machine learning in the hands of companies within an easy to use interface. Run powerful operations using data augmentation, complex regression, and sentiment analysis without the overhead of a full data science team.

Syncari's full capabilities, coupled with true bidirectional synchronization of data across the organization, dramatically improves the value of your operational systems.

Smarter Sync

Learn how to turn your SaaS applications into one unified cloud

According to Gartner, by 2023, 65% of large organizations will enable their non-IT personnel to perform integration tasks. Learn how Syncari's data management engine allows your organization to prepare for the future.

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Data Quality

In a study of 75 enterprises by MIT, only 3 percent of data sets were within an acceptable range and 50 percent contained critical errors. Not only does bad data lead to wrong decisions, it also encumbers teams who spend as much as 50 percent of their time dealing with mundane data quality issues.

Syncari cleans and maintains data directly within your SaaS applications. SaaS application administrators can now fix any of the connected systems impacting your valuable customer data. Syncari has hundreds of visual functions and actions you can use to build a cleaner and more resilient customer data pipeline, including data enrichment and augmentation, all within a friendly, modern user interface.

360° Customer Data

Expansion and upsell teams need to have complete and accurate customer data at their disposal. With Syncari's platform, application administrators will now have the ability to create and maintain access to a stable 360° view of customer data and sentiment directly from their operational systems. All with a modern visual interface, designed for application administrators, that requires no coding, and provides a data-first approach to solving this exploding problem, providing teams that use Syncari with a more complete view of prospects and customers throughout their lifecycle, and most importantly, within their day-to-day operational systems.

Data Governance

Every company that relies on data is facing increased governance challenges. As more applications are added to the enterprise ecosystem, it becomes nearly impossible to know which systems are responsible for governing which portions of your customer data.

Syncari cleans and maintains the data directly within your SaaS applications. With our friendly visual interfaces, SaaS application administrators can use our platform to fix one or all the connected systems that touch your valuable customer data. Syncari has hundreds of visual functions and actions you can use to build a cleaner and more resilient customer data pipeline, including data enrichment and augmentation.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

As new laws are enforced with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), one of the hardest problems to solve with complying with these regulations is knowing where all the data associated with a customer lives and, more importantly, complying with the deletion requests from prospects, customers, and former customers.

Syncari synchronizes your data across your SaaS applications and through our visual data pipelines, businesses can automate their CCPA and GDPR compliance processes. SaaS application administrators can flag any lead, contact, or customer, providing them with the automation needed to unsubscribe and delete a record across the entire stack. This will give Privacy and Security professionals the tools needed to audit and report on compliance with these regulations.

Multiple Instance CRM Sync

SaaS application administrators of larger organizations utilize multiple instances of CRM and Marketing Automation systems to run their business. With Syncari, administrators can not only create synchronization rules to maintain and automate data quality in each instance, but they can also create synchronization filters to distribute select data across these instances. They can also use these filters to move select data to a rollup instance, and prepare it for further integration into global accounting systems, billing systems, and the like.