Nick and Neelesh Discuss Syncari Origins

Nick Bonfiglio
April 26, 2020 . < 1 min read

In this episode of Taking Notes with NextGen, host and Managing Partner Dan Mindus speaks with Nick Bonfiglio and Neelesh Shastry, Co-Founders of NextGen portfolio company Syncari. Syncari is building a modern multidirectional synchronization and data management platform to help businesses solve data inconsistencies. Syncari allows businesses to coordinate the quality, availability, and governance of data across enterprise applications.




Written by Nick Bonfiglio
Nick is a CEO, founder, and author with over 25 years of experience in tech who writes about data ecosystems, SaaS, and product development. He spent nearly seven years as EVP of Product at Marketo and is now CEO and Founder of Syncari.

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