Letter from the CEO: Announcing Our Series A Funding Round

At Syncari, we are very proud of what we have already accomplished and excited to continue building and scaling our no-code complete data automation platform. That’s why I’m honored to announce that we have recently completed a $17.3 million Series A funding round led by Crosslink Capital, with participation from Animo Ventures and previous investors Nextgen Venture Partners, SignalFire and Dig Ventures.

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I am bursting with excitement to announce that Syncari has raised a Series A funding of $17.3 million from a group of leading investors, which will propel our platform growth at scale.

At Syncari, our goal is to transform every company into a wholly data-driven business by identifying and resolving messy, incomplete, and untrusted cross-departmental data. The explosion of SaaS has created functional data silos that simply do not speak the same language and the lack of holistic solutions is exactly why we’ve spent the past two years building a turn-key, complete data automation platform.

Data chaos is the status quo

We’re fully aware that the market today is overcrowded with options for maneuvering around data-related pains: there’s iPaaS, ETL/ELT, RPA, data warehouses, and so many more. But they all suffer from one fatal flaw: an inability to align data across multiple connected systems. When this lack of alignment meets attempts to connect the explosion of SaaS with one-off connections you get data chaos, a frustrating status quo for too many businesses today.  Attempting to automate the mess makes your data and processes even messier.

Our co-founder, Neelesh Shastry, and I had some experience with this problem together at Marketo where we built the industry’s first stateful, bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Marketo. We also noticed many of our customers at Marketo were using batch campaigns to perform rudimentary data automation, which caused performance issues since Marketo was never really intended to be used this way.

We’ve taken those hard-earned lessons and put them to good use: creating the world’s first multi-directional sync engine with Syncari. And, just as we brought together lead databases, email tools and landing page builders into a complete marketing automation platform at Marketo, we’re bringing together integration, process automation, and data management into a complete data automation platform at Syncari.

Basically our early customers have shown us that it is entirely possible for everyone, not just technical data analysts, to quickly identify and resolve data issues and automate workflows on their own–all without writing a single line of code. By democratizing these capabilities, every business can alleviate repetitive time-consuming tasks and align on trusted business metrics—no matter the system they choose to report them from.

Even with Series A, we’re still just getting started

In just under two years, we’ve gone from a simple pitch deck to a full featured platform supported by an incredible team and adopted by an impressive list of customers.  And we did it all in the midst of a global pandemic. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who’s helped us along the way to the point of Series A funding.

SyncariThe first ever Syncari team meet-up.

We raised this most recent $17.3M Series A round to capitalize on the opportunity in front of us.  We’re growing incredibly fast, and the problems we address impact almost every modern business.  Over the next year, we’ll grow our GTM team, bring machine learning and business intelligence to the platform and expand our marketplace of Synapses, pre-built functions and templates while continuing our focus on making our no-code platform powerful and easy to use for everyone.

Additionally, this is also great news for our customers.  As we grow and mature our platform, we’ll better identify and automate common patterns to proactively eliminate data management/automation complexity.

So, to everyone on the journey with us–our incredible team, our board of advisors, and most importantly, our customers– thank you! This has been an incredible ride so far, and there is a lot more coming down the pipe beyond Series A.

Join the movement

If you’re passionate about engaging your prospects and customers in the best possible way and ready to make every member of your marketing, sales, customer success and revenue teams fiercely effective with trustworthy data, request a demo of our platform today! And if you believe in our mission and want to help us take the world by storm, we invite you to join our team!

Nick Bonfiglio
CEO, Co-founder

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