Why Syncari

Why Syncari

Unlock your data and see more of your business

Syncari’s Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) Platform allows businesses to deliver holistic and comprehensive data management where each department recognizes the full benefits of using their operational systems. Organizations will now have all the required information available to operate efficiently and without the overhead of ancillary integration and data aggregation platforms.

The Syncari technology is universally applicable and can deliver AI-assisted transactional synchronization across the enterprise.  Our mission is to uplevel our category by ensuring consistent customer data, HR data, GDPR, and SOX compliance within an organization.  Each of these data areas are of specific interest and focus for CIOs who leverage today’s best-in-category SaaS strategies to optimize their businesses.

Syncari’s unique value goes beyond integrations and takes data into consideration with a deep understanding of the target and source systems. The platform helps to create a distributed source of truth, while intelligently maintaining data hygiene across the enterprise.  Our innovative technology delivers data quality and data governance improvements with smart merging, deduplication, and conflict resolution algorithms, ensuring data isn’t just identical, but also cleansed in the process.

By keeping the core SaaS stack hygienic and synchronized, we provide a stable 360° view of data that is continuously consistent across the organization, in real-time, and with zero coding required.  Another way to think of Syncari is distributed, rather than centralized, Master Data Management (MDM). No more fragile ETLs, and no more custom integrations, that break whenever systems are reconfigured.

The Syncari technology allows businesses to organize, cleanse, and synchronize data across the enterprise.  Within Syncari’s Nucleus, we are able to utilize machine learning to deliver data quality improvements with enhanced merging, deduplication, data corrections, and conflict resolution algorithms.  Our cognitive connectors, called Synapses, create nearly all the required mapping and initialize syncs through a deep understanding of the source system, while providing flexible rules and workflow capabilities. By utilizing these capabilities, companies can transform and calculate net new set of  data that can be further synchronized across the enterprise.

Syncari provides enhanced machine learning techniques that are easy to use, yet powerful, and help companies augment their data using machine derived computations that can be further distributed across the enterprise.  For example, our Intelligent Expression Language (IEL) can easily generate complex regression, sentiment analysis, and other computations, without the need for expensive data scientists. Two real examples are predictive lead scoring and customer sentiment. Our combined set of capabilities, coupled with true bidirectional synchronization of data across the organization, dramatically improves the value of your operational systems.