Help customers win with cleaner, better data

Connect your data with Syncari for that long-fabled 360-degree view of your customer. Data from finance, sales, and product help you detect churn faster. When it comes to renewals, no need to guess—you can know.

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Nobody gets into success just to live in the CRM

But almost everyone does. Because, data.

The least fun parts of customer success are all the result of bad data. Couldn’t tell a customer was going to churn? Miss your quota. Didn’t know the customer had a trouble ticket out? Awkward call. With Syncari, you can pull all the data that matters into one place to make success more successful.

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Connect your most important systems

Syncari users can select from a list of pre-built, best-in-class “synapse” connections. When plugged together, they just work. This includes apps for success, support, marketing, sales, payment processing, finance, and anything that involves an API.

Get out of reactive mode

Better data helps your team be more proactive. Instead of waiting for the customer to call, you have a birds-eye view of all their interactions with the business and can get involved early to guide issues to a successful closure.

Eliminate list building

Well, maybe not completely. But you can say goodbye to the mind-numbing act of exporting CSV files to upload somewhere else. Syncari keeps your data clean and available in your most important systems.

React fast to changing markets

Draw up personalized alerts against hyper-specific segments in hours, not weeks. Rapidly deploy new data, test, and launch automations from any application, event, trigger, form, webhook, or API call. And roll it back quickly if it didn’t work.

Collaborate on your tech stack with other teams

Build in real-time with sales, marketing, IT, product, success, finance, and more. Track version changes and unify your data schema once and for all.

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