Unleash your sellers with cleaner, better data

Knowing who to go after is great. Knowing who not to go after is even better. Syncari saves salespeople hundreds of hours each year by connecting all the important data and making it available and accurate in the CRM.

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Nobody gets into sales to scrub contact lists

But that’s what most salespeople spend two-thirds of their time doing. Because, data.

When your CRM is accurate, you get higher connect rates, more pipeline, and more motivated sellers. Just imagine—what is the hiring conversation like when you can promise top reps that they don’t have to do busywork? Connect your data, free your hunters.

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Connect your sales stack

Syncari users can select from a list of pre-built, best-in-class “synapse” connections. When plugged together, they just work. This includes apps for sales, marketing, support, payment processing, finance, and anything that involves an API.

Scale sales

Reach the better leads faster and waste less time with outdated contact info. Use Syncari’s drag and drop builder that can tell every piece of data where it should go, what should happen, and which system should be the primary source of truth.

Forecast with confidence

Gather data from marketing and success systems to get a higher resolution picture of your pipeline. Identify red flags, identify parent accounts faster, and see what marketing sees.

Eliminate list building

Well, maybe not completely. But you can say goodbye to the mind-numbing act of combing through an Excel spreadsheet you exported from your data provider. Syncari keeps your data clean and available in your most important systems.

React fast to changing markets

When world events come crashing into your pipeline, react fast by segmenting a target list and getting it into your sales automation system in minutes, not days.

Collaborate on your tech stack with other teams

Build your stack in real-time with marketing, IT, product, success, finance, and more. Track version changes and unify your data schema once and for all.

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