Predict and Prevent Customer Churn

You worked hard to earn your customer’s business, don’t let it slip away for preventable reasons. Align product usage data, communication data, and opportunity data to warn  against potential customer churn.

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Protect your well-earned revenue

When renewal opportunities are fewer than 90 days out and product usage drops, do you know if a customer is in danger of churning? With Syncari, connect CRM, product usage data, and communication information to let the account team and success team know about potential churn in advance.

Activate product usage data

Happy customers are active customers.  Connect Syncari to your product database, define and curate the data required for reps to take action, and distribute insights in near-real-time.

Remind reps to act

Send an email reminder or Slack alert to account owners when renewals are upcoming and provide key context like billing status and health score to help reps prioritize activities.

Diagram of how Syncari connectors work with Netsuite

Create a unified customer view

Align data across your CRM, Support and Customer Success software and ensure your reps are operating with a consistent and shared view of the customer.

Alert teams of churn risk

Create a customer health score that monitors engagement with marketing programs, activities with sales, and product usage. Then, alert key stakeholders when that score crosses a critical threshold.

Syncari Spotlight Demo

Distributed Customer 360

Syncari on-demand

Not quite ready for a 1:1 demo? Explore our self-service video hub showcasing common Syncari use cases that our customers love.