Automate the manual, time-intensive aspects of prospecting and ensure your reps stay focused on activities that create value.

Automate with clean account data

Make prospecting painless

In most organizations, prospecting looks something like this:

  • Marketing or Sales gives reps a list of accounts
  • Reps lookup contacts in LinkedIn, CRM, etc.
  • Reps enrich prospects with third-party data
  • Reps add contacts to sequences

It’s a mind-numbing process that can be error-prone when done at scale.

Syncari’s Auto-Prospector automates ALL OF THAT — meaning you can go from target account list to personalized outreach across known contacts in a matter of minutes.

Act on buying signals at warp speed

Activate intent data with ease

70% of B2B Marketers are deploying account-based tactics, meaning to stand out, you need to do more than just fire a bunch of emails.  The latest trend is utilizing intent data from a vendor like Bombora – but how do you take an intent signal and activate it fast enough to respond before your competition?

Auto-Prospector listens for vendor-provided intent signals on an account, and then:

  • Checks to ensure the account fits your ICP criteria
  • Appends the list of accounts with viable contacts
  • Filters and enriches these contacts to ensure they meet your standards
  • Matches leads and contacts to accounts and dedupes where required
  • Assigns and routes the contact and/or account to the appropriate owner
  • Adds the contact to a sequence in Outreach or Salesloft

All automatically.


Synapse Studio

Enrich, Match, Merge, Dedupe

Automate data integrity

Prospecting is often hampered by dirty or incomplete data.  The Great Resignation made this problem worse, with contacts coming and going at a pace faster than any CRM can sustain.  Adopting third-party data solutions like ZoomInfo or Clearbit helps you stay ahead of the curve, but any new data needs to flow seamlessly into your CRM, MAP, SEP and any other dependent system before it can be activated.

Syncari’s Auto-Prospector provides pre-built templates and logic to help you filter, sort, enrich, match, merge and dedupe your lead, contact and account data BEFORE you begin outreach.  Once your data is trustworthy, these same pipelines work to continually maintain that trust and keep every system that needs this data in sync as better account info emerges.

Go best-of-breed

Activate account data everywhere

The modern tech stack is loaded with tools to drive differentiated engagement for your prospects.  Gifting platforms like, Digital advertising platforms like Metadata and sales motivation solutions like SetSail all have one thing in common: they need access to trusted data to be utilized effectively.

By aligning your lead, contact and account data in Syncari with Auto-Prospector, you’ll be creating a hub of trusted data that can be activated in any system accessible via an HTTP API.  You can create workflows that send gifts once certain stages in the sales process are met, or spin up new LinkedIn experiments based on changes to your account list. And with personalized Slack alerting built-in, account teams can be notified when any interesting signal emerges.

Syncari on-demand

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