Merge Studio

Merge Studio allows you to dedupe and merge data on any object in the Syncari unified data model, across all systems. Unlike standalone point solutions which only let you model data from that system, Merge Studio acts globally.

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Merge or Dedupe

Works across any connected channel or object. Dedupe a lead based on almost anything, like account geography.

Centralized Management

Set policies centrally, watch them cascade across systems.

Flexible Controls

Merge Studio’s powerful rules engine permits a range of strategies, including allowing for purposeful duplicates or rules based on the entirety of the unified data model.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Multiple teams can work and agree within the platform.

Why Merge Studio?

Traditionally, each team uses their own merge or dedupe tool, which only act on their systems. The result is data chaos and an endless game of tug of war and “whodunit” hunts for a root cause.

With Syncari Merge Studio, your merge and dedupe rules are centralized and operate on any object in the unified data model, across all connected systems, all at once.

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