Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Move beyond brittle connections

Our Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) Platform allows application administrators to solve the data availability, quality, and consistency problems commonly associated with today’s best-in-category SaaS strategies, without resorting to moving data outside of their operational systems.

Built-in Data Quality

  • Built-in flexible deduplication logic on any object 
  • Configurable merge capability uses data from all systems to create authoritative records
  • Central data enrichment propagated to all connected systems

Unified Data Management

  • Creates a unified data model for all connected systems
  • Identify, locate and remove dirty or inactionable data across connected systems
  • Augment data with powerful Machine Learning insights

Central Schema Management

  • Centrally create and delete objects and fields 
  • Customizable data dictionary to visualize and describe your data model, how data is used in your business, and who is responsible for the data
  • Discover and retire unused or rarely used fields

Process Automation

  • Supports cross-department process automation with connected systems
  • Integrated communications for email and chat tools
  • Use powerful {{field.tokens}} from the unified data model within automations

Multidirectional Synchronization

  • Provides transactional resiliency across connected systems
  • Easy to connect systems with automatic schema mapping and flexible sync filters
  • Supports multiple systems of the same type

Central Transaction Log

  • Provides visibility to all changes made across all connected systems
  • Audit support for security, GDPR, and CCPA
  • Allows for safe rollback of transactions to all connected systems


  • Data quality oriented dashboard widgets to quickly see the health of your data
  • Data quality centric reports help you see your data in new ways across all connected systems
  • Flexible reporting for system health and usage
"This is really going to change how companies connect systems and manage their data quality and governance."
Phil Fernandez
Former CEO/Founder of Marketo, Board Member
"All these capabilities are aspirational for current iPaaS vendors. This is cool!"
Rick Nucci
CEO, Guru and former Boomi Founder