The Customer

A global leader in robotics, this company develops cutting-edge robots designed for both commercial and personal use. Their diverse product portfolio includes humanoid robots, service robots, and automation solutions that cater to a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education. With robots in service in over 70 countries, they set the standard for innovation in the robotics field.

The Partner

Lysi is a technology integration company specializing in technology and business process management. Partnering with Syncari, Lysi provides next-gen data management to its consulting practice, increasing efficiency and driving operational excellence.

The Challenge

Lysi’s client, with sales and service operations in over 70 countries, needed to improve efficiency and modernize their financial operations to achieve a complete 360° view of their data, from the time of sale to the location where the robot is awaiting services. This required a migration from their legacy systems to NetSuite and synchronization of all the systems that interacted with finance.

The migration challenges:

  • Integration of key systems: Multiple systems would be included within their new environment, including Salesforce, e-commerce sites, a third-party warehouse, Paylocity, and SAP Concur.
  • Migration of live and archival data: Both open transactions and historical financial data needed to be migrated accurately.
  • Unique charts of accounts: SAP and Zuora each have their distinct charts of accounts.
  • Duplicate accounts: Accounts existed in both systems and had multiple entries in SAP.
  • Fragmented financial data: Customer subscriptions invoiced in Zuora and represented by single journal entries in SAP required careful handling.

The Solution

The enterprise turned to Lysi to navigate this intricate migration. Lysi leveraged Syncari’s next-gen data management platform to address the data integration challenges. The solution included:

  • SDK kit: Develop SDKs to automate essential processes.
  • Entity resolution: Deduplicate, consolidate, and reconcile data between Zuora and SAP.
  • Data prep and normalization: Run data cleansing processes for the NetSuite data load.
  • Schema map Zuora to NetSuite using customer and warranty item logic and exceptions.
  • Invoice reconciliation: Reconcile financial data in NetSuite with source data, match multiple SAP invoices and payments to single journal entries in SAP.
Ramesh Cook

Chief Technology Officer at Lysi

Lysi's partnership with Syncari allows us to offer our clients unparalleled data integration solutions, ensuring they achieve operational excellence and data accuracy.

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