The catastrophic cost of bad data and where it’s all headed (Part 5 of 5)

30% of new integration projects will use AI technology for faster delivery by 2022.

— Gartner


This is part 5 of my 5-part series about the cost of bad data. Read the previous post here.

The Syncari solution

Let me introduce Syncari. It serves as a distributed source of truth for all your business data. Rather than transporting it to one central location for cleansing, it monitors and manages your data where it already lies, in your CRM and across your top 12 to 15 apps.

Syncari is a smarter sync. It’s a distributed source of truth that:


  • Creates a global data schema across all SaaS applications.
  • Reduces connections (API calls) across the network.
  • Provides accurate data to business-critical operational systems.
  • Uses machine learning to improve data quality.
  • Features a user-friendly interface that’s accessible to anyone.


65% of large organizations will enable their non-IT personnel to perform data integration tasks by 2023.

— Garnter

The theory behind it is simple

Your data ecosystem needs a manager that corrects and solves for data quality, not data connections. In many cases, Syncari eliminates the need for point-to-point connections and the associated API load. It continuously:


  • Ensures data quality across systems.
  • Empowers people to use more data.
  • Improves data quality automatically.
  • Synchronizes and unifies data structures (schemas) within connected systems.
  • Automates object and field mapping.


It’s a single source of tunable truth

Syncari is the long-sought-after single source of data truth. It’s distributed, it’s tunable, and it’s a way to ensure you can deliver on your customers’ expectations of a high-touch experience.

That means there’s no CDP, data warehouse, or additional aggregation required. There’s no need for data scientists or to architect complex cross-system data calculations. And there’s no need to lock your ecosystem down to stop citizen integrators. There’s just data quality, everywhere, manageable from one place, effective wherever your data already exists.

Syncari is the answer to the jumble of API integrations and the $3.1 trillion snarl of cloud connectors, and what you need to future-proof your business.


  • Easily integrates SaaS applications: With zero working knowledge, someone can connect two or more systems in minutes. Syncari knows exactly what to map, including custom objects.
  • Multi-SaaS cloud synchronization: Syncari keeps individual data points clean and consistent throughout your connected systems, with bidirectional syncing that reduces API calls.
  • Distributed data quality: Anyone can build models to spell check, augment, and govern data without complicated configurations or code. (This is especially useful for predictive scoring, sentiment, and customer engagement.)
  • Make your valuable data visible: Syncari helps unlock your dark data and make sure it’s correct and available to users and systems.
  • Enforces data governance: Syncari automatically deduplicates and resolves data disputes throughout your system, maintaining quality and consistency as a byproduct of tracking it.


It’s been more than a decade since the Marketo team squeezed into that conference room, but part of that team is gathering again, just up the road, to talk about what users don’t want. Leaders, salespeople, marketers, analysts, and managers don’t want to be spending 50 percent of their time dealing with mundane quality issues. They don’t want to lose 15 to 20 percent of revenue each year. They just want their data to be accurate so they can do their job, so we built Syncari for maximum convenience. Last time it changed an entire market. This time, it’s going to change the world.


About the authorNick is a CEO, founder, and author with over 25 years of experience in tech who writes about data ecosystems, SaaS, and product development. He spent nearly seven years as EVP of Product at Marketo and is now CEO and Founder of Syncari.

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