How to Unify Data Across Multiple CRM Systems with Syncari

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In this webinar, Scott Edmonds, Chief Revenue Officer, and Jack Smith, Principal Solutions Engineer at Syncari, discussed how Syncari serves as a solution for enterprises to consolidate their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. They mentioned how the common issue that large companies face—having disparate CRM systems results from mergers, acquisitions, and decentralized team structures. This often leads to significant challenges in data fragmentation. Scott and Jack elaborated on Syncari’s capabilities to integrate and streamline CRM data, providing a unified view that enhances operational efficiency and decision-making.

Why Companies Have Multiple CRM Systems

Companies inherit additional CRM systems through mergers and acquisitions instead of standardizing on one enterprise-wide system. Global organizations also tend to have regional CRM systems for their business units. Over time, companies add more tools and applications, exacerbating data integration issues.

Challenges of a Multi-CRM Environment

With data fragmented across systems, it becomes very difficult to get a unified customer view or roll up metrics across the organization. It requires an army of data engineers doing custom coding to try to connect these systems. This is expensive, slow, and hard to maintain.

Syncari Solution: A Hub and Spoke Model

Syncari consolidates data from multiple source systems into a central data hub. This hub governs, standardizes, and syncs the data back out to destination systems in a unified format. Their no-code platform lets you quickly set up integration flows to connect data across CRMs, ERPs, databases, and more.

Try the Syncari Data Automation Solution

Syncari's hub and spoke model simplifies data unification across the enterprise technology landscape. See a custom demo to learn more about Syncari's data automation capabilities or watch the full webinar to learn more.

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