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How it works

The Xero Synapse enables data synchronization between Xero objects and Syncari Entities using the Xero API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, a user can Activate the Xero Synapse, which enables Syncari to replicate the schema and fields available in Xero. Using the Schema Studio and/or Sync Studio, a user can map Xero objects to Syncari Entities.

Data synchronization between Xero and Syncari can be controlled for each Syncari Entity. This enables a user to explicitly define synchronization for each Entity. Once Syncari Entities are enabled in Schema Studio and/or Sync Studio for synchronization, the initial sync starts. All existing records for the Entity are pulled efficiently from Xero and synced to Syncari. This is called the Source pipeline for the entity. Once all existing data is synced, the sync switches automatically to incremental sync. During incremental sync, the changes made to records from Xero are synced to Syncari in near real time.

Entities available

  • Account
  • BalanceSheet
  • Contact
  • ProfitAndLoss

Actions available

  • Create records
  • Update records
  • Delete records
  • Merge records

How does the schema get synchronized?

Syncari synchronizes the Xero schema and fields with Syncari Schema during every sync cycle. Any new fields that are created in Xero are detected automatically and available for usage in the Entity and Field pipelines. New fields are not mapped by default. The deleted fields in Xero are detected automatically, these objects and fields are marked as deleted in Syncari. They no longer participate in synchronization.