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Distributed Customer 360

Empower every department with a unique view of consistent, trusted data

Centralized Enrichment

Improve record completeness with data from multiple 3rd party sources like ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Demandbase and more

Data Normalization

Define and enforce data standards for common fields like industry, job title or phone number

Merge & Dedupe

Identify redundant records and automate rules to combine them gracefully, using your own business logic, across multiple systems at once

Lead to Account Matching

Flip leads to contacts within existing accounts or create new accounts automatically

Data Quality Monitoring

Measures cross-system data health to ensure it’s complete, accurate, and consistent everywhere

Unified Data and Reporting

Unify your cross-functional data from NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM, and Hubspot and keep these top systems of record and your BI tools in sync with trusted data everywhere.