Eakes needed a complete view of their data to drive better customer experiences

Eakes Office Solutions, a leading provider of office supplies and technology, faced a significant hurdle due to fragmented customer data spread across multiple systems. This fragmentation obstructed their capacity to engage customers personally and effectively utilize transaction data for tailored marketing campaigns. 

Eakes Office Solutions, as a business that prioritizes efficient service and customer satisfaction, continually adapts to the evolving needs of the digital marketplace, aiming to optimize operations and enhance customer relationships through innovative technological solutions.

To address these data fragmentation challenges, Eakes Office Solutions turned to Syncari to overhaul their data management strategies. By adopting Syncari’s unified data automation platform, they were able to consolidate their customer information into one central system. This integration facilitated a streamlined, data-driven approach that not only enhanced personalized customer interactions but also empowered their marketing team to deploy more targeted and impactful campaigns.

Key Outcome

Utilizing Syncari’s no-code/low-code platform, Eakes Office Solutions successfully unified their scattered customer data across various systems into a single streamlined solution within HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub. This strategic consolidation has significantly enhanced their customer engagement processes and empowered their marketing team. With Syncari, Eakes can now execute highly targeted and repeatable marketing campaigns more efficiently, driving better outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

The Challenge (IT / Sales / Marketing)

Eakes Office Solutions faced a critical challenge: their customer data was scattered across various systems, making it difficult to leverage valuable transaction data for targeted marketing efforts. This fragmentation hindered their ability to personalize customer interactions and capability to:

  • Sync customer purchase history: Essential for understanding buying behaviors and preferences.
  • Unify customer accounts: Crucial for maintaining a single, accurate view of customer interactions across various touchpoints.
  • Personalize customer engagement: Key to delivering tailored communications that resonate with individual customer needs.
  • Drive cross-selling and upselling: Important for leveraging insights to recommend relevant products and services to existing customers.

The legacy on-premises database lacked the necessary features for modern data handling, such as automated deduplication and accurate record matching. This technological shortfall was a significant barrier, preventing Eakes from realizing the full potential of their marketing and sales strategies due to inefficient data management and integration.

The Solution

Syncari provided a comprehensive solution that transformed Eakes’ approach to data management. Within six weeks, Syncari enabled Eakes to migrate their data from on-premises MS SQL servers to a unified HubSpot CRM and Marketing platform.

The migration included:

  • HubSpot Data Modeling: Syncari excels at data modeling, particularly for complex structures. In this case, they mapped a single, massive table from Eakes’ legacy system into various HubSpot CRM objects, including Accounts, Deals, Products, and line items. This eliminated the need for complex manual configurations within HubSpot’s data modeling interface.
  • Seamless 6-Table Unification and Sync: Unlike other solutions that require extensive custom coding for complex data integration, Syncari achieved unifying and syncing of six disparate tables within a single pipeline. This streamlined approach ensured data accuracy and consistency without the burden of manual development. 
  • Legacy ERP Data Transformation and Normalization: As a distributor, Eakes’ legacy ERP system ingested large volumes of third-party data daily. Syncari’s data transformation and normalization capabilities were instrumental in cleansing and structuring the data for seamless integration into HubSpot. This eliminated inconsistencies and ensured the usability of the enriched data for marketing campaigns. 

Future Plans

Syncari is a data automation platform that matches Eakes Office Solutions’ augmented and automated marketing and sales data strategy roadmap as it scales. 

Future initiatives include:

  • Launching data-driven marketing campaigns through HubSpot.
  • Offering incentives to boost purchases in underperforming categories.
  • Implementing cross-selling tactics to increase sales from existing customers.

By achieving a unified view of their customer base, Eakes is now better positioned to unlock new growth opportunities and enhance customer relationships through personalized engagement. This strategic overhaul will drive higher ROI on marketing investments and foster more robust customer connections.

Upgrade to Customer Data

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