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DeepScribe needed all their backend systems to connect better

With Syncari, they were able to sync HubSpot, Stripe, Auth0, and more, to eliminate the manual process of qualifying and provisioning new doctors and hospitals. This is their story.

Challenge: Provisioning new users took ten hours a week and product-led growth seemed a far-off dream

The quote-to-cash process can be a headache for any company. But when you’re dealing with a highly regulated industry like healthcare, the complexities multiply. 

Charlie Kolb, VP of Growth at DeepScribe, knows this all too well. “Working in healthcare is different from other industries in that it’s really difficult to do a self-sign-up flow,” he explains. “First of all, you have to get additional agreements in place in order to handle patient-protected health information. Plus, the vast majority of electronic health records don’t have a one-click integration, so to connect with a physician’s electronic health record system, you have to contact someone in operations at the vendor.”

All those manual responsibilities? Those were eating up around ten hours each week. “Once we provisioned the user, someone would have to go into Stripe and look at the customer’s contract, manually create a subscription, and invoice them,” he says. “Sales would mark a deal as closed-won, everyone would celebrate, and then we’d have to scramble to actually get credentials out and start charging the customer.” 

If setting up new customers was difficult, product-led growth was a near impossibility. Says Charlie, “I would sit in on our product roadmap reviews and I would say, ‘Hey, it would be really cool if we could get a self-sign-up flow.’” With a self-sign-up flow in place, he would be able to create a free trial, opening a new channel for growth. Alas, without a way to unify their data across all their systems, the logistical challenges proved too great. “The product team would put it on the board, and then I would just watch it get deprioritized, deprioritized, deprioritized,” he says. “I gave up on the idea that I’d be able to create a product-led growth motion or even get product utilization data into HubSpot.” 

Charlie would look wistfully to the tools that later-stage companies were using to sync everything across their platforms and unify customer data into a single record. “I’d say, ‘Wow, that sounds so cool—I’m never going to be able to do that, because I work at a startup and our data’s a mess.’” 

Little did he know how quickly things were about to change.

Solution: Syncari turned growth marketing fantasy into reality

“I had this dream that one day I’d have this system where someone could come to our website, fill out a form based on custom qualification criteria, get sent to a self-sign-up page, sign up, get access to the software, pay us, get a subscription created in Stripe, and then use the software and have all that data sync back into the CRM so that we can trigger other notifications to them,” says Charlie. 

But that was all pure fantasy — until one of Syncari’s salespeople reached out to him. Skeptical, but curious, he agreed to a meeting. “I was blown away by how hands-on they were,” he says. “They put me in touch with a product manager and an engineer. I hadn’t even signed any paperwork yet. That’s not often the case when you buy software.” 

“What drove me to make a purchasing decision was that I felt really confident in Syncari’s professional services and the support they offered, and that turned out to be correct.” 

Syncari allowed Charlie to create the sign-up flow he was dreaming of, down to the letter. “The system I described, that’s exactly what we now have in Syncari.” That means, instead of manually setting up each new subscription, it’s entirely automated. With 15-20 new customers joining each week, that’s a significant time savings. 

And it created opportunities for new growth avenues that Charlie had never thought possible — including the free trial flow he had always dreamed of. “Through the form logic on our website, we’re able to ask questions to verify that someone is a healthcare provider and figure out what system they are using, then use that information to flag fields in HubSpot and automatically provision a new user for us,” he says. “We’ve driven over 1,000 free trial sign-ups through that flow since implementing Syncari.” And it’s working — 50 free trial users have already converted into paying customers.

Results: DeepScribe saved time, opened new growth channels, and got real-time customer feedback—allowing them to tackle more audacious efficiency and retention goals

Thanks to Syncari, DeepScribe has regained valuable hours and launched a product-led growth motion, driving free-trial sign-ups and also feeding product data back into HubSpot so they can monitor account health. All that has opened up opportunities to tackle more ambitious goals. 

“The big goals for us now are improving efficiency and customer retention,” says Charlie. 

“The more tasks we can automate and the more we can do with the resources that we have, the better. That’s what we’re going to continue to lean on Syncari for.” Take reporting: “Ideally, we don’t want to have to bring on an analyst every time we sign an enterprise customer,” says Charlie.

Syncari has transformed reporting from a complicated mess into a seamless process. “We would go into three different tools and run different reports — you could ask two people the same question and they would go to two different systems and give you two different answers. Now the data is clean and it’s all in HubSpot so we can go back to that key executive stakeholder and say, ‘Last week your providers did 1,000 appointments and that was up from 700 the week before. What can we do to get them to 1500? Here’s a plan.’ It gives us really powerful insight into usage in a way that’s easy to report, and you don’t have to run a SQL query and make a pivot table in a spreadsheet to tell someone how many appointments they did.” 

And, with their product usage data feeding back into HubSpot, they can focus more on customer retention. “We’re probably going to implement a customer success tool,” says Charlie. “Then through integration with Syncari, we’ll be able to easily sync the status of their most recent invoice from Stripe and provide tailored support.” All in all, with these improvements, Charlie expects to improve retention by 5-10% next year. 

No longer a far-off dream, Syncari has become a crucial part of how Charlie thinks about his growth strategy. “Now, anytime we add on new software, I ask, ‘Do they have a synapse with Syncari?’ It’s truly become the hub of all our data.”

Charlie Kolb at Deepscribe
Charlie Kolb

VP of Growth, DeepScribe

Now, anytime we add on new software, I ask, ‘Do they have a synapse with Syncari?’ It’s truly become the hub of all our data.

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