Syncari for data unification

Align your top systems with trusted data, synced everywhere

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Data integration without data chaos

Extract maximum value from your data

Align your internal systems

Unify data from across your tech stack and create a distributed source of truth without writing code.

Break down reporting silos

Explore and interact with unified data directly in Syncari, or visualize it from your favorite BI tool.

Act on insights faster

Keep your operational systems and BI tools in sync and ensure insights make it to people responsible for the customer journey.

Syncari helps us keep every department singing from the same "data" hymn sheet. We've eliminated silos and enabled better coordination across the business with shared, trusted data across our key systems of record.

Eileen Treanor

Chief Financial Officer at Inkling

Complete data platform

Create a Customer 360 everywhere

Continuous Connectivity

Securely connect to your sales, marketing, customer success, finance and product data with Syncari’s no-code Synapses that deeply understand your data and metadata and deliver multi-directional synchronization across your tech stack.

Unified Data Model

Every system describes your customers differently. Syncari intelligently aligns your cross-functional data to a unified model and manages data relationships for you, so your systems can all speak the same language.

Unified Data Model

Data Governance

Syncari gives you full control over how your data flows between systems. Define which system is the "source of truth" for any entity or field and ensure unwanted changes are but a distant, albeit painful memory.

Fully Customizable

Centrally visualize, describe and tag your unified data model from an enterprise data dictionary. Create new fields and objects or retire unused ones and watch changes propagate everywhere automatically.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Filters and Segments

Create specific data views to isolate and resolve issues via batch or near-real-time automations and eliminate bad data for good.

Syncari Data Store

Already invested in Tableau, Looker or Google Data Studio? With Syncari Data Store, you can get instant visualization of data in Syncari from any Business Intelligence tool.

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Request a Custom Demo

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