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Own your lead management process from end-to-end with Syncari’s full-stack, no-code data automation platform.

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Clean, unified, & automated

Your data's never had it so good

Automate end-to-end

From lead-to-account matching and lead routing to lead scoring, improving data quality, and more, Syncari empowers you to build your workflows exactly how you want — and then automate them. However your business runs its lead management system, Syncari can uplevel and increase efficiency at every stage.


Centralize enrichment

Include enrichment of your customer data as a regular part of or your lead management process. Syncari enables you to automatically fill in missing data about your leads, contacts, accounts, and more so you can build better lead routing, segmentation, and other processes to help your salespeople sell better.

Standardize customer data

Senior, Sr., or Sr? Make values such as phone numbers, job titles, industries, and more normalized across your entire tech stack. Syncari allows you to create a single set of data so your workflow automation, report filtering, and other important lead management processes all flow without a hitch.


Merge and dedupe

Cut down on duplicate efforts across your sales org. By creating an operational data hub that syncs to all your top GTM systems, Syncari helps you ensure peak efficiency — all based on your company’s chosen criteria and rules.

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Your customers’ experience with your brand can make or break a sale — no one wants to hear the dreaded “Oh, I’m already talking with your company” after an outreach. So how do you do lead-to-account matching right? Our eBook tells you how.

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