Better Data Stack for IT Teams

Get your data and automation projects done faster and with trusted data, synced everywhere — no “frankendatastack” required.

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Unlock data interoperability

A full-stack data platform

Democratize data without compromising control

When you have data that’s accurate and available when and where it’s needed, you get better alignment, tighter coordination, and more predictable business outcomes.

Operational data hub

Every data source connected to Syncari is automatically normalized and mapped to a universal ID so your data sources and business systems can speak the same language.


Multi-directional sync

Keep cross-system data aligned with our patent-pending transactional engine that maintains state and governs data across every connected system automatically.


Distributed data management

Automations and data policies created in Syncari interact with every data source connected to the operational data hub, enabling unprecedented data consistency.

Data-model driven automation

Design and execute business processes that scale with reusable business logic and full-stack data access for lookups, rollups, and calculations.


Self-healing data access

Syncari Synapses deeply understand end system schemas, support operations like merge and soft-delete, and are fault-tolerant to outages and schema changes across every connected app.


Fully customizable

Accelerate time-to-value with templated processes for common workflows, or roll your own with custom functions and actions purpose-built for your business using our zero-code interface anyone can use.

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