Syncari for Customer Success Operations

Your customers are your most important asset. Syncari helps you keep your customers happy, healthy and successful by easily connecting and managing all of your customer data in one place.

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Syncari for Customer Success Operations
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Know your customer

Your complete, real-time view into customer health

Reduce Customer Churn

Get the context you need to ensure clean hand-offs from sales to engage more personally and proactively for the entire journey.

Drive desired customer outcomes

Quickly identify and resolve inaccurate, incomplete or duplicate data across the customer lifecycle to provide an unbiased and accurate view of your customer.

Boost rep efficiency

Use cross-system data to uncover and diagnose inefficiencies in the customer journey and automate processes to reduce administrative time for reps and increase renewal rates.

Syncari helps us keep every department singing from the same "data" hymn sheet. We've eliminated silos and enabled better coordination across the business with shared, trusted data across our key systems or record.

Eileen Treanor

Chief Financial Officer at Inkling

Build the most powerful unified view of your customer

When you have customer data that’s accurate and available, you get better alignment, happier customers, and more predictable revenue growth.

Customer 360

Easily connect all of your cross-system customer data in one unified view to uncover trends and surface insights on marketing interactions, product utilization, payment status and more.

Aligned Metrics and Reporting

Keep your CRM, support and success tools and reports in sync with consistent, trusted data everywhere–even when your systems are down.

Aligned Metrics and Reporting

Rule-based customer health

Define what “excellent” customer data looks like, and enforce your standards with drag-and-drop policies and functions that work across your tech stack to keep garbage data out of your workflows and reports

Team autonomy

Syncari empowers users to create new data transformations on the fly with a user friendly GUI that doesn’t require programming knowledge.

Team autonomy
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