Schema Studio

If Sync Studio is the heart of Syncari, Schema Studio is the brain. It’s where you set rules to ensure that not only your data is synced, but so are the objects and fields. It features an enterprise data dictionary that allows you centrally create, update, and delete entity data across all the supported connected systems.

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Centralized Field Creation

Create or delete fields across connected systems.

Centralized Object Creation

Create or delete objects across connected systems.

Object and Field Management

Discover and retire unused or rarely used fields.

Enterprise Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary lets you visualize, describe, and tag your data model. For instance, tag all your GDPR fields so you can enforce governance.

Multidirectional Schema Sync

Set and enforce your data schema.

Define Data Owners

Use the Data Dictionary to describe how data is used in your business, and who is responsible for what parts.

Why Schema Studio?

Most data integration platforms have a fatal flaw—in order to unify the data across your enterprise, you have to operate on data, objects, and fields from the systems that house that data.

With Syncari’s Schema Studio, you get one dashboard where you can make all those changes.

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