Data Studio

In the Data Studio, you can visualize and manipulate your data map across all connected systems. And with DataStore, you get an instant data warehouse that supports BI tools. For both, set rules so that data quality happens by default.

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Set Reference Data

Use company reference data to enrich, automate, and lookup for merge or data quality.

Dashboards and Reporting

Create dashboards and reports from data in real-time.

Data Warehousing

Syncari’s DataStore automatically creates a Data Warehouse that supports popular BI reporting tools.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Multiple teams can work and agree within the platform.

Workflow Automation

For connected applications, email, and chat.

Field Tokens

Use powerful {{field.tokens}} from the unified data model within automations.

Why Data Studio?

Nowhere else today can you get a bird’s eye view of your data, how each of your systems connect, and how the data moves between them.

What’s more, most of the data management practices companies have been forced to use, like off-to-the-side data warehouses and lakes, don’t match the schemas in the owning systems.

That makes it inaccurate for segmentation, targeting, and sales. Syncari puts all your data “virtually” in one place and makes it usable and viewable.

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