Data Studio

In the Data Studio, you can visualize and interact with your data across all connected systems and perform batch operations, like removing dark data. Plus, with Syncari Data Store, you get instant visualization from your favorite BI tools, without the need for a data warehouse.

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Utilize Reference Data

Use business-specific reference data to enrich, automate, and lookup for merge or data quality.

Filter and Segment

Create filtered lists for visualization and performing batch operations.

Syncari Data Store

Syncari’s Data Store automatically creates a unified data warehouse that supports popular BI reporting tools.

Cross-Team Visualization

Multiple teams can build cross functional reporting that matches your departmental systems.

Workflow Automation

Create combined data and process workflows from the connected applications, including email and chat.

Field Tokens

Use powerful {{field.tokens}} from the unified data model within automations.

Why Data Studio?

Nowhere else today can you get a bird’s eye view of unified data from all your systems, with global edits, filtering, and batch operations.

What’s more, most of the data management practices companies have been forced to use, like off-to-the-side data warehouses and lakes, don’t even match the data within the owning systems–we fixed that.

Most data warehouses are inaccurate for segmentation, targeting, and sales attribution. Syncari puts all your data “virtually” in one place, making it  usable, actionable, and exactly the same as your departmental systems.

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