Product Overview

Product Overview

Move beyond connections

Our Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) Platform allows SaaS application administrators to solve the data availability, quality, and consistency problems commonly associated with today’s best-in-category SaaS strategies, without resorting to moving data outside of the operational systems.


Easily Integrates SaaS Applications

Our Synapses enable cognitive integrations that have deep knowledge of enterprise SaaS systems, both data and business workflows.  With zero coding knowledge, they can be used to connect two or more systems in minutes. Our unique mapping technology knows exactly what fields exist across these systems, including custom objects, and makes those associations automatically and without any mapping code, while reducing total connections (API calls) to your connected systems.

Multi-SaaS Cloud Synchronization

It’s not true synchronization if you’re just moving data between two systems. Syncari’s innovative cognitive synchronization pipelining delivers real-time data management that goes far beyond the capabilities of today’s integration platforms.  Syncari keeps your data identical and unpolluted across all your connected systems. It is the only platform to deliver bidirectional synchronization that not only addresses data, but also considers the object schemas, providing superior connection resiliency in a world where rapid system changes have become the norm to support continually evolving business requirements.


Distributed Data Quality

Our technology allows anyone using Syncari to build intelligence models that can, among other things, automatically spell check, augment, and enhance data without the use of complicated configurations or connective code.  Our simple and powerful Machine Learning rules let you also augment data from the aggregate data set across your connected systems. This is especially useful for creating predictive scoring, sentiment, and overall customer engagement.

Intelligent SaaS Cloud Data

Our flexible rules and orchestration capabilities allow mere mortals to create conditional data rules and support extending your data to drive a more complete customer engagement, customer sentiment interactions, and more.  Syncari unlocks all the value hidden within your data and can make it available directly from within the operational systems. Additionally, the platform can enhance your data further with a powerful expression language that can be used to create user defined functions for your data automation needs. 


Enforces Data Governance

With Syncari, connections are now between target systems and the Syncari Nucleus, and no longer system-to-system.  Upon initial connection, Syncari seamlessly ingests, merges, and deduplicates data across the connected systems, all while providing a tunable distributed source of truth.  

One of the benefits of connecting systems in this way, is it allows businesses to now enforce which of their systems or teams is authoritative for data across the organization.  For example, your CRM may be responsible for portions of the account data, then if a change occurs from another system, Syncari can enforce rules on how to handle the conflict, including reverting the change.  This enforces a source of truth where it belongs, in the operational systems themselves.

"This is really going to change how companies connect systems and manage their data quality and governance."
Phil Fernandez
Former CEO/Founder of Marketo, Board Member
"All these capabilities are aspirational for current iPaaS vendors. This is cool!"
Rick Nucci
CEO, Guru and former Boomi Founder

The Catastrophic Costs of Bad Data

Our eBook on the Catastrophic Cost of Bad Data: And an Irrefutable Case for AI Sync discusses how Syncari's Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform helps you use intelligent synchronization to solve your data integration, data quality, and data governance problems across your enterprise SaaS stack.