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The world needs data superheroes.

Bad data costs US businesses $3.1 trillion dollars per year. Ten out of 10 businesses we talk to admit to having this problem. But solving it is one of the most challenging tasks facing today’s organizations.

Enter the data superhero. We define a data superhero as an intrepid leader who cares deeply about solving the data quality issues at their company.

Someone who understands that fixing your data problems is the most crucial thing you can do to unlock more revenue growth.

(Also one of the best career moves you can make.)

If you nod along at one or more of these, chances are you’re a data superhero:

  • You scoff when you consider how much of your budget goes into your CRM and MAP licenses, and yet you can never seem to access accurate and actionable data.
  • You’ve had to conduct damage control when bad data caused the wrong email campaign to upset a customer.
  • You get frustrated when you see sales reps spending more time exporting and cleaning lists than actually helping customers. Or you still struggle to accurately forecast sales due to faulty data in your system.
  • You know your staff and board forecasts could be more accurate if only you had timely access to Closed/Won opportunities.

Join hundreds of revenue leaders fighting the good fight against bad data.