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Matterport Automates Key GTM Processes Across Three Systems

Syncari enables Matterport to largely automate and increase the accuracy of crucial go-to-market business processes.

About Matterport

While many may be familiar with Matterport because of their cameras, they have since become a household name for their 3D imaging and digitizing capabilities. As the leading spatial data company, they allow anyone to transform a physical space into a true-to-life digital version for many uses, including virtual tours.


automation of the order attribution process


hours a week saved


elimination of data matching errors

The challenge

When David Shields, Sr. Manager of Sales Operations Business Systems, came on board, he noticed Matterport’s order attribution process was almost entirely manual. After each day, Shields and his team would take a file of the sales from their web server, run a script to match the purchases to Salesforce leads, and then upload that file to Salesforce. “But what ended up happening,” Shields explains, “is that those leads may or may not have been tied to an opportunity or an account.” Though the script was able to match some, it was far from perfect and required a manual review every single time.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Being able to take physical spaces, accurately map, and then visit them virtually meant demand for Matterport’s equipment and technology skyrocketed. Suddenly, Shields’ team’s time spent manually managing data quadrupled. Ritu Rajpal, Matterport’s Sr. Salesforce Administrator, remembers, “It was really exhausting. Every day, it was the same thing: pull data, write and run scripts, review everything, and then enter data into Salesforce. I’m convinced I lost my sanity once or twice just in those early months alone.”
Unfortunately, the consequences of all this manual work meant Shields had to pick up Rajpal’s intended responsibilities. Originally intended to maintain Matterport’s entire tech stack, the majority of his time ended up being spent solely on Salesforce administration.

Knowing his team’s efforts were not sustainable, he went to his internal engineering team to build an automated solution. However, just like for Shields’ own team, the engineering team had more than enough on their own plates building new feature sets and supporting all their new customers.

The solution

When it was clear an internal solution was not currently feasible, Shields searched elsewhere and found Syncari. “I almost didn’t believe it at first. My team and I had spent all this time with these broken processes and Syncari could automate all of them and more,” Shields discloses.
“It was a no-brainer,” he continues. “Once the execs knew how much time was being spent each day creating usable data for the company, how much stress was being placed on our shoulders, how much wasn’t being done because all we were doing was manually managing data… they were immediately on board.”

Now, with Syncari implemented, Matterport’s order attribution process is 95% automated. Rajpal alone saves at least 20 hours a week from the automation. “I’m now able to take time off without everything falling down while I’m away. Every day, the C-suite’s reports are done, and it didn’t take me the entire previous day to do it. It’s so freeing,” Rajpal explains.

With Syncari, Matterport has not only largely automated their order attribution process, but they’ve also increased its accuracy. With Syncari’s logic engine, it no longer matters that the product SKUs in the ordering system don’t match the SKUs in Salesforce; Syncari takes all the information, normalizes it, and ensures data matches across the organization.

The future

As Matterport looks to the future, they have several goals in mind to expand and further automate their processes with Syncari.

Customer usage data

Currently, Matterport’s customer usage data is still locked away in silos. But Shields has plans to surface it to the organization at large and create the all-important single view of the customer. “We have all this data in NetSuite, in Google Sheets, in Salesforce, and a few other places. My next goal is to enable Sales to see just how powerful all this data can be,” Shields explains.
With customer usage data, Matterport’s sales and customer service teams can see situations like those customers who are paying overage fees because they’re not on the right subscription level for their business. Others may be struggling with the platform and never build a digital model. With usage data surfaced, these customers can be contacted, coached, and possibly saved from churning.
“I’m so excited for the day when I turn these capabilities on and change the lives of every salesperson here,” Shields expresses.

Personalized notifications

While having a single view of customers is important in and of itself, being able to set up personalized notifications is also a decisive benefit of Syncari. Matterport already celebrates big deals automatically in Slack based on varying rules for different customer types, industries, and lines of business. But they have plans to expand notifications into situations such as when a customer is likely to churn.

Ritu Rajpal

Sr. Salesforce Administrator

I’m now able to take time off without everything falling down while I’m away. Every day, the C-suite’s reports are done, and it didn’t take me the entire previous day to do it. It’s so freeing.