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Case Study

Hyland Unifies Data Across Their Tech Stack with Syncari

Ben Bykowski, Former Director of Technology, leveraged Syncari to unify customer data across Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce and more - all without code.

About Hyland

Hyland is a leading content services provider with a range of cloud-based technologies, solutions, and services for better managing and using content in enterprises today. Hyland enables thousands of organizations to go paperless and automate their business processes to be more efficient and effective. Hyland’s team supports their clients’ users across sales, marketing, customer success, and support, empowering them to deliver better customer experiences.


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The Challenge

Because Hyland supports so many different teams and users within their clients’ companies, various systems generate a lot of business and customer data. As Hyland has grown, the tech stacks that each of their clients have likewise increased in complexity, only further amplifying how much data the teams generate — and then have to gain insights from. Simply measuring the ROI of marketing activity became a difficult question to answer.

Further complicating the situation was Hyland’s efforts to digitally transform their business. Ben Bykowski, Former Director of Technology at Hyland, didn’t want the team to have to sacrifice best-of-breed functionality for the sake of being able to integrate with other platforms. After acquiring Alfresco, another content management services provider, Hyland needed to work through their own data unification efforts on top of their clients’ needs.

The Approach

“We needed a data unification catalyst for all important data,” Ben revealed. Initially, the Hyland team looked at native integrations between the necessary systems. But due to limitations between multiple instances of Marketo and Salesforce, not to mention trying to bring HubSpot into the mix, it quickly became apparent that unifying that data — and then being able to make sense of it — would be a much more significant challenge. Using custom integrations or ETL tools seemed possible, but Ben wanted something more robust and resilient. “That’s how we found Syncari. It provided the bridge we needed to keep things running now and in the future as we grow.”

The Solution

To accomplish their goals, Hyland used a combination of Syncari’s native and custom-built Synapses to unify and sync customer data across all the systems they use. “Let’s take one Syncari record as an example: it maps back to 3 different external records — one for HubSpot, one for Marketo, and one for Salesforce — but all the data is the same. Syncari unifies that record and even preserves the integrity of the data in those other systems because of how we can set up the connection and schema.” With Syncari, Hyland has built a multi-directional robust, resilient, and extensible tech stack with Syncari at the center where all customer data is unified.

The Future

Ben’s goals with data unification for Hyland don’t stop with just these three systems. Providing consistency is a crucial value of Hyland and how they work with their clients. “We want them to feel like it’s always familiar territory no matter where they are in their journey today and where they’ll be in 6 months,” he explained. To do that, Hyland is working on a custom-built Synapse to power identity and access management through Okta with Syncari. “We’ll be able to sync the roles and permissions administered in disparate platforms and then centralize them to the Okta profile for that user. It’s a very exciting time.”

"Syncari empowers us to make good customer data decisions and gives us a mechanism for not just thinking about how to have holistic data, but how to make holistic data something we can actually accomplish."