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Syncari Enables Censia to Be Confident in Their Data Automations

Since implementing Syncari, Censia has streamlined their enrichment process and unified customer user information, improving data accuracy and team efficiency.

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Censia is a leading talent intelligence platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses make people decisions. Through the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, they enable organizations to find new talent and reduce unconscious bias.


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The challenge

Censia is on a mission to change the way companies hire, and they use data to do it. While they’ve done wonders for their clients, when Jana Lass, Censia’s VP of Marketing, came on board, she noticed the internal systems were hindering instead of enhancing productivity. “There were a lot of legacy processes and tools still in place, which at some point may or may not have been connected to each other. Siloed pockets of data were everywhere, and it made finding the data we needed to operate efficiently a struggle,” Lass recounts.

Additionally, Censia did not have a dedicated operations resource, which made troubleshooting issues or attempting to implement improvements a time-consuming process. “I felt a bit like Alice,” Lass admits, “going down the rabbit hole, finding random things that either made the problem bigger or led me down another path of troubleshooting. My weekends were being spent working on improving ops and I needed a way to pull our Frankenstack together and make it work for us instead of against us.”

The solution

Lass knew she needed help, so she turned to a trusted ally with Syncari. Having worked with Syncari at a previous company, she trusted the deep expertise of the founding team. Combined with Syncari’s robust feature set, Lass was confident she could not only solve Censia’s initial pain point but create a scalable foundation for future needs.

The first priority was establishing a flexible data enrichment process for their lead scoring and sales intel. Censia was using two providers, ZoomInfo and Slintel, for their enrichment needs and wanted to build a hierarchy of enrichment logic that could evolve as the business needs did without overwriting valid values.

“It sounds like a simple problem: if this account doesn’t have information from Slintel, put information in from ZoomInfo. But doing this in Salesforce or Marketo is a complex undertaking that can be incredibly difficult to troubleshoot and taxing on your API calls,” Lass explains.

“Syncari handles this kind of logic beautifully and with a visual component that makes understanding the flow very clear while being easy to update,” she continues. “When it comes to designing processes now, we think Syncari first. Our CS team is also unifying our user information with Syncari as well. There are quite a few things we want to do in the future, and I’m excited to continue working with the Syncari team to achieve them.”

The future

Censia has started by streamlining their enrichment process and unifying customer user information and continues to expand their use of Syncari into even more data integrity and matching workflows. Additional projects include normalizing industry values and address components — city, state, and country formats — to ensure field integrity across object types in Salesforce. With each new project, the Censia team is improving data accuracy and team efficiency.

Jana Lass

VP of Marketing

Syncari gave me my weekends back and helps anyone become an ops wizard because it is so easy to use. A Marketing Assistant on our team was able to become very productive in the platform very quickly with nearly zero previous ops experience.